Today’s consumers have greater control over their health and wellness than ever before, thanks to digital tools. They can search for prescription benefits online, check out reviews for local physicians in community apps, or track their fitness level from their watch.

CvE taps into these opportunities to deliver highly targeted pharmaceutical campaigns for our clients that empower consumers with relevant healthcare information. What’s been our prescription for success? The most effective pharmaceutical campaigns incorporate these three digital media strategies:


Pharmaceutical spending on direct-to-consumer TV commercials has grown significantly in the past  decade. Digital savvy marketers are leveraging some of those traditional 30-sec TV spots as 15-sec pre-roll ads for added device reach and brand awareness at a fraction of the cost. Additionally, CvE offers moment marketing tactics for video that use event triggers, like when a competitor’s brand airs on traditional TV, to provide consumers with relevant ads as they are multitasking across devices.


How many times have you looked up your symptoms on your phone while in the cold and flu aisle? People are using their phones and tablets more than ever to find healthcare information in the moment of need. We deliver a robust mobile strategy that utilizes cross-device targeting to reach and help your consumers on the go. Or if you want to find new clinical trial leads, CvE offers click-to-call ad extensions on your search program that make it easy for you to catch potential participants anxious for more information.


Targeting people already interested in a specific treatment is the easy part — through contextual targeting that places ads for a medication near relevant content. Finding new audiences is more complicated. With access to in-depth audience insights, the CvE team reverse engineers unique audience profiles for more effective media plans. For instance, we maximize lifestyle audiences through third-party data platforms, like Amazon and Facebook, to recognize and reach adult caregivers also involved in making medical decisions.

Additionally, pharmaceutical campaigns come with a variety of red tape due to potential patient privacy concerns. That’s why our team focuses audience targeting in any medical-related campaigns on real-time keyword contextual targeting and category contextual targeting, behavioral targeting that is not ailment-related, and search retargeting using general categories.

Like ad tech, pharmaceutical trends, best practices and regulations change quickly. Stay informed and chart the right course with CvE. Reach out to us before you start your next ad campaign to learn more.