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With the ad tech industry moving and changing so fast, sometimes even overnight, it can be overwhelming and time-consuming to stay knowledgeable and up to speed on the news that matters most to you. That’s where we come in. For February, here’s a look at the hottest headlines in our breaking ad tech news roundup:

Ad Tech

  • Amazon is about to expand its smart home offerings in a big way. The company just announced its intention to acquire Bay Area-based home mesh router startup, Eero. With this acquisition, Amazon could eventually not only sell smart home gadgets but also coverage-extending WiFi routers to connect them and keep them online.
  • AT&T will consolidate its programmatic ad spend on the AppNexus Programmable Platform, the demand-side platform run by AT&T’s advertising business unit Xandr. Until now, AT&T has split its programmatic ad spend, a mix of video, mobile and native advertising worth tens of millions of dollars a year, among multiple demand-side platforms (DSPs).
  • PubMatic and Goodway Group announced that they have signed an agreement to place the management of the supply ad tech fee in the buyer’s control, introducing the first 100% transparent, agency-controlled fee model that empowers buyers.

Emerging Technologies

  • HQ, most famous for their viral app HQ trivia and now wanting to build a media business, has launched an “action” for Google Assistant called HQ University on Feb. 11, which will bring HQ on-demand to fans wanting to improve at trivia.

Social Media

  • The social discussion platform and news aggregation site Reddit has raised $300 million in a series D funding round led by China’s tech giant, Tencent Holdings Ltd. Reddit plans to use this funding to grow and expand internationally.
  • Microsoft is getting involved in live video streaming, through its ownership of LinkedIn. The social network is launching a new LinkedIn Live service to its 600 million users, allowing people to live stream video content, such as Q&As, product announcements, events and more.

TV & Video

  • LiveRamp has added connected TV IDs to IdentityLink, its cross-device identity graph, the company said during its Q4 2018 earnings report. Connected TV IDs will improve advertising campaign targeting and attribution as well as the ad viewing experience.


  • Spotify first cracked down on ad blocking last March after discovering 2 million users (about 2% of its free users) were using ad-blocking software to dodge ads. Now, according to its latest Terms of Service policy released February 7, it’s decided to explicitly ban ad blockers. Those who don’t abide could have their account immediately suspended or terminated.

Bonus Headlines!

So, there you have it, our curated and compiled breaking ad tech news of the moment. Curious about what will happen next? We are, and we will be sure to cover it when it does. Follow our blog for an easy way to stay current on the latest breaking ad tech news and trends.