The True Value of Incrementality

When everything is measured on a click-through basis, it creates a level playing field with all digital channels measured on the same metric. So, what happens when we focus on the customer journey, and not an ad click? Go Compare hired us to do so, as experts in Incrementality Testing.

The True Value of Incrementality


  • To understand the extent to which a programmatic campaign can drive NEW conversions, sales, and profit.
  • GoCompare also intended to understand more about data analytics, the benefits of audience segments, up skilling the team, as well as looking for a solution which provided empirical evidence that campaigns are driving incremental performance and ultimately, ROI.
The True Value of Incrementality


Run an incrementality test isolating a Control group – users not exposed to ads- vs an Exposed group – Users exposed to ads- to prove the incremental value of programmatic and display media, by measuring the uplift in conversions.

The True Value of Incrementality


Again, and again, we have proven that programmatically bought display is not only profitable, but a powerful revenue accelerator for finding new customers. Control v Exposed (yes, the company is named after this obsession!) proved how with a major UK advertiser, we were able to determine that a programmatic ad view is more valuable than a click.

  • The campaign was profitable, with a ROAS of x2.35
  • From total click-outs, 38% were incremental from the exposed group.
  • Users exposed to the message were more than 50% more likely to convert.
The True Value of Incrementality


“As we look across the customer journey, we recognise where we’re putting certain levels of activity like display – prospecting or retargeting- and we want to make sure it’s driving an uplift. If it’s not, we are just wasting budget.”

Director of Digital Marketing