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Auditing, Supply Chain, Bid Cost Savings

Media performance that continually beats the benchmark needs more than quality inventory and a smart optimisation algorithm. Truly efficient media plans today require that brands follow every penny through the entire ecosystem, ensuring it is spent on value-adding service, and not lost to hidden fees or poor performing placements. This also means maximising partnerships across the board, starting at the SSP level to remove unnecessary fees, and holding agencies and technology vendors accountable while also ensuring data consistency across placements.

  • Analysis
    • Media performance efficiency
    • Advertising effectiveness
    • Structure
    • Agency relationships
    • Tech stack
  • Run POC/Experiment to validate savings/uplift

Lower Cost Per Lead/Sale

Auditing and gap analysis
Auditing, Supply Chain, Bid Cost Savings

Digital Supply Chain Consultancy

Supply Chain

Auditing the parties in the supply chain:

  • Agency
  • DSP
  • SSP
  • Publisher
  • 3rd Party Tech

Cost efficiencies through removal of unnecessary Adtech taxes

  • SSP Log analysis
  • Dashboard build
  • Savings modelling

Price discovery leading to cost savings

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