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The cookie may be crumbling, but targeted advertising is here to stay. The good news is there are potential viable solutions to  supplement the cookie loss. With these future identity solutions, brands will still be able to retarget privacy-safe groups, benefit from  aggregated campaign measurement and develop sophisticated targeting strategies.

Cookieless Solutions

Understanding the Future Cookieless Landscape

  • Walled gardens (e.g. Facebook, Google, etc.) account for only around half of addressable audience.
  • Successful alternatives exist to reach the rest of the open internet.
  • Cookie elimination is an opportunity to improve data strategies.
Cookieless Solutions

What Should We Be Focusing On Right Now?

Next steps will continue to evolve as we move towards a cookie-less future but preparing starts now.

  • Maintain a Focus on Personalisation and The Customer Experience.
  • Develop a Nimble Measurement Mentality & Set Expectations.
  • Embrace Regulatory Compliance and Be Prepared for More.
Cookieless Solutions

Start Now by Assessing the Impact

  • Targeting: Evaluate how you currently reach your target audience.
  • Personalisation: Discover if third-party cookie data drives your personalisation.
  • Measurement: Determine if your KPI’s are third party cookie dependent.
  • Insights: Leverage third-party data to enrich first-party data-driven insights.
Cookieless Solutions

Evaluate and Enhance First Party Data

  • Where’s your first-party data coming from (website, loyalty programs, etc.)?
  • What data points are you currently capturing?
  • Are there other data points you could be capturing that would be beneficial to your marketing strategy?
  • Do you have consent and preference management in place?
  • Where’s the data being stored? How often is it refreshed or cleansed?
  • How are you currently using this data? Are you maximising its full potential?
Cookieless Solutions

Define a Measurement Framework

After assessing the impact and identifying gaps, select an alternative or set of alternatives to test, keeping in mind there’s no true replacement for third-party cookies, only options.

  • Primary KPIs: Discover of third-party cookie data drives your personalisation.
  • Secondary KPIs: What secondary metrics serve as leading indicators of how you’re tracking toward your business goal? (Site downloads, inbound leads, etc.)What data points are you currently capturing?
  • Digital Health Metrics: What upper-funnel metrics indicate you’re tracking well toward your secondary KPIs?
Cookieless Solutions

How CvE Can Help You

  • Audit your current strategy to uncover opportunities.
  • Strengthen first-party data and Apportion budget for testing alternatives.