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End to End Digital Media Service

Your agency will be supported by a dedicated account manager, a media strategist, and a media trader. We will deliver the resources needed and hands-on Key board support with flexi-time, contract, and commercials, plus your agency will benefit from CvE’s globally negotiated fees.

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As a truly media agnostic partner, our supplier portfolio is selected purely on the focus of each campaign.
End to End Digital Media Service

Real Value ® Pre-bid Performance Algorithms

We operate the largest, independent trading desk globally. With experience purchasing and optimising over 1 billion impressions a month, our trading team paired with our technology will exceed your expectations.

Harness the power of data science before placing a bid
  • Precise Frequency Capping
  • Dimensional Bidding
  • Predictive Performance Modelling
  • Balanced Impression Delivery
  • Unparalleled Fraud Protection
  • Impression Valuation
Getting more bang for your buck
End to End Digital Services
End to End Digital Media Service

Delivering Programmatic Excellence

Super speed your programmatic execution with us

  • Dedicated managed service – Transparent reporting with custom dashboard.
  • Proprietary technology built on top of The Trade Desk for increased performance.
  • Multi touch attribution for complete conversion insight.
  • Full supply path optimisation – Measure incrementality / lift