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Incrementality Measurement

It is what our brand identity stands for: Controlled vs Exposed: A scientific method applied to marketing to prove that your advertising works.

Incrementality Measurement

Our Incrementality Solution

We don’t like clicking on ads. As marketers, if we click, it is either by accident, or we just saw one of our own ads. As consumers, only a small % of real people click, and they tend to be the LEAST valuable. 

Sure, we will click on a PPC ad to avoid scrolling down, and the occasional Instagram ad for those trainers we cannot live without. But general display ads? No way we are clicking on that. Which begs the question, why does the industry grade campaigns on a metric that is only delivered by a small minority of users? 

And it is not even the case that last click is a profitable marketing tactic. Last click regularly gives attribution credit to ads that played no active role in delivering the sale. Often these are ads that are not seen or noticed by any human. Last click measurement encourages ‘preaching to the converted’ programmatic activation, to drive the illusion of success, all enabled by default KPI setting. 

Thankfully, there are alternatives to last click measurement. At Control v Exposed we run incrementality testing to measure the true lift created from advertising. 

Incrementality Measurement

Different Digital Channels Work in Different Ways

Programmatic Display is mid-funnel

One of the benefits of programmatic is that it can reach any user at any stage of the customer journey. With a channel as flexible as this, a dedicated measurement solution is needed to ensure KPIs reflect the reason that budget was spent in the first place. 

Every marketer wants extra sales, but that does not mean media should always be evaluated on direct response metrics. Incremental lift can be generated at any stage of the customer journey, even when the campaign objective is awareness and consideration. 

Incremental lift measurement can be applied to most forms of media. This enables us to measure the TRUE impact of ALL touchpoints, including social, search, connected TV as well as traditional media.

Incrementality Solution
Incrementality Measurement

How Incrementality Testing Works

Isolating a Control group vs an Exposed group

Most forms of marketing can be assessed with scientific method, the key is providing different marketing stimuli to control vs exposed groups, then measuring the difference in audience behaviours via counterfactual measures generated from the control group. 

When following this process, we can be confident that any differences in audience behaviour is attributable to the marketing that is being tested. This process accurately measures the business benefits caused by marketing and can be applied to any business metric. 

How incrementality testing works

It must be measured properly to the true role it plays