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Technology & Data Consultancy

Wherever you are in your transformation journey, data and technology are a central component in every stage. As more and more brands in-house various media and marketing functions, they often times learn that while in-housing delivers greater control, there are additional costs. Every brand has different needs and balancing those with the complexity of sourcing, managing, and maximising the value of all the necessary martech partners takes time, effort, and energy. Our tech and data consulting services help alleviate that burden and enable brands to feel confident they have the right tools in place to support their needs.

Technology & Data Consultancy

Technology Consultancy

  • Evaluate current tech stack
  • Define future state
  • Recommend, implement, and onboard
    • DMP
    • CDP
    • DSP
    • Ad Server
  • Machine Learning
  • Custom Algorithm Build

Alignment of Tech with your Marketing Strategy

Technology consultancy
Data Consultancy

Delivers a framework designed to achieve business goals by:

  • Capturing
  • Enhancing
  • Managing
  • Activating data
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