Paid Social Media Buyer

Cve have partnered with Canton Marketing Solutions who are a team of marketing and technology specialists that offer a

range of digital marketing consultancy services. Brands and agencies employ CvE when

they are looking to improve their digital marketing operations, efficiencies and performance

outcomes. We are looking to hire a Paid Social Media Buyer  to help improve the skill set and

diversity of the trading team and offer consultancy services to brands and agencies.

The role of the Paid Social Media Buyer will be to apply their knowledge of primarily Facebook ads, but also ideally other emerging social ad platforms (TikTok, Snapchat, LinkedIn) and digital marketing to help achieve business goals for our list of high profile clients.

Responsibilities can include:

  • Day to Day Campaign management, delivering best in class optimisation
  • Responsibility for hitting KPI’s, meeting client goals & improving the paid media strategy of our various clients
  • Training and upskilling both internally but also with clients looking to in-house or upskill teams
  • Client communications around performance, strategy & implementation of campaigns.
  • Responsibility for investigating & driving innovations in their key channel, and formulating the new breed of best in class in an ever changing digital landscape.
  • Leading simpler consultancy projects, delivering audits of accounts and supporting the principle consultants in their projects.

Qualifications & Skills:

  • 2+ years of experience working in digital media as a specialist buyer within paid social media buying
  • Experience managing a portfolio of clients, ideally cross-industry. We are industry agnostic, but do have large clients in Gambling, Fashion, Health Services as well as many others.
  • Role & package dependent on experience, candidates with extra experience should not be dissuaded from applying
  • Client communication skills are paramount, the role will involve talking to clients daily regarding their campaigns, as well as consulting for clients.
  • Team work experience key, CvE has a talented team of consultants & buyers, working with these people will be key to job success (they are all lovely!)

What we’re looking for in a candidate

The ideal candidate for this role is someone who has cut their cloth in media buying, and has a knack & passion for the job & industry. This person would be someone that gets enjoyment out of owning campaigns and driving the best performance possible for the clients. This person knows the tricks of the trade within their channel, but is also ready to learn of some of the best in the industry!

The candidate may be someone who is looking to take the next step from being a trader, to being a specialist, someone who has a vast knowledge base to help clients improve their media operation, and own client strategy, rather than being an element of a wider strategy.

Career Progression Opportunity

Given the rapid expansion we will have need for this position in the next 1-2 years

Why us:

CvE continues to grow and we are looking for a head of optimisation, to lead optimisation across search, display, social, video and CTV. The ideal candidate does not need to know all channels as training is provided. However we want someone who is amazing at using data to optimise campaigns and to lead this service for us (after channel training). Its ideal for someone expert in one channel but looking to better help clients deliver their goals across all channels.

We are open on experience but the candidate should have a good grasp of digital and be able to explain why, with the help of some of the best minds in the industry, they can be the best at data driven optimisation around.

We hope the successful candidate will not only deliver great campaigns but also delight clients and also come to be seen as an industry leader. The full support of the company will be provided to the right candidate to make that happen.

CvE is a team of great digital experts, but also great people, we pride ourselves on having a diverse, fun & relaxed atmosphere towards work & the working environment, whilst striving to be the best in our field. The candidate can expect to find a home within the company, whilst also having the opportunity to explode their career, we’re aiming to take someone who has a huge potential that they’ve credibly demonstrated in their career, from a person responsible for high pressure performance campaigns within their channel, to someone who will drive forward best in class performance & optimisation process across a suit of clients & channels and also consult with the biggest brands in the world about how they should be running their campaigns. The opportunity here is huge, and this role comes with an existing team to support comms, platform operations & training.

Really this person should be someone who needs a good atmosphere & connection with a business & their colleagues to perform the best, and someone that is driven and dedicated to taking a huge step up in their career.

Paid Social Media Buyer

How To Apply

Do drop us a note here or directly to our Talent Lead, Farrah Salleh at We would love to hear from everyone!