TFAR – Episode 31 – Preventing Marketing From Being Relegated to Marcomms

TFAR – Episode 31 – Preventing Marketing From Being Relegated to Marcomms

Time For a Reset is back! In this episode, Paul chats to Rory Sutherland.

Rory is an industry legend having been at Ogilvy for 35 years,  one of the early pioneers of behavioural science in marketing, author of Alchemy: ‘The Magic of Original Thinking”, and a regular Ted Global and marketing conference circuit speaker. 

In this bumper episode, Rory and Paul cover everything from the role of marketing at the board table through to the behavioural science of transport and Rory’s view of the metaverse.  Rory reminds us that marketing is a vast discipline that is in danger of being side-lined as the ‘colouring-in’ department within business. 

He shares a fascinating view of why the obsessive focus on shareholder interest is counterproductive to driving growth. Rory encourages leaders to broaden their perception of where marketing and innovation play a role and reminds us that marketing is everything that a finance director despises –probabilistic, experimental, and tough to quantify.  

Paul and Rory also discuss how corporate culture can stifle innovation, the origin of corporate conventional ‘norms’ and how to navigate around this. Lastly, Rory talks about his new venture, the MAD//Masters course brought to you by Rory and the makers of MadFest, designed to help marketers upskill and adapt in this ever-changing marketing landscape.

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