TFAR – Episode 32 – Building a Growth Engine Linked to the Bottom Line

TFAR – Episode 32 – Building a Growth Engine Linked to the Bottom Line

In this episode, Paul talks to Tushar Kaul, CMO of Bella & Duke, a leading UK pet food subscription company. Tushar began his career in the Scottish government, he ran the Campbells Prime Meat e-commerce team before joining the founders of Bella & Duke as CMO. 

Everyone has an opinion about marketing, but not everyone is so willing to self-reflect on what marketing doesn’t always get right. Tushar shares how he seeks to control the narrative by educating colleagues in the C-suite and the importance of honesty in order to build trust and commitment to marketing as an investment. 

Many marketers are confronted with the same dilemma and burden of proving ROI. Can we meticulously account for every single pound spent? No. Can we build a system to win trust in marketing? Yes. Tushar talks to use about how he has taken his finance team on a journey to see the causation and correlation of marketing on the bottom line. 

Tushar highlights the importance of customer data in determining where growth opportunities exist. It’s difficult to grow a business without having the CMO or MD at the table to provide this consumer insight, which is also key for digital born DTC company.

Lastly, Tushar shares what he is personally working on and how others can also build a better relationship with the board and equally with other marketers.

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