TFAR – Episode 33 – Putting Excellence and Innovation at the Heart Of Marketing

TFAR – Episode 33 – Putting Excellence and Innovation at the Heart Of Marketing

In this episode, Paul is joined by CDMO of L’Oreal, Lex Bradshaw-Zanger.

“Marketing hasn’t changed, but marketers have to change.” with so much noise around digital, marketers face difficulty around understanding what digital means in our current ecosystem. Lex discusses what transformation means to L’Oreal, and how matrix structures enabled digital to be embedded across the board without creating silos.

Being a more traditional company, how did L’Oreal gain so much success in the last few years? As businesses become increasingly more remote, companies face difficulties in embracing failure, how can leaders create learning cultures that foster innovation? Lex highlights what L’Oreal does differently to stay competitive and agile as a large corporation.

Lex shares his opinions on the hot topics of web3, the Metaverse, and where he sees this going in the future. He also shares his passion for bridging the non-profit and commercial worlds. As a member of one of the Children’s Society’s board, the primary goal is to reverse the decline in children’s well-being. Lex encourages leaders to consider how they can make an impact, he shares one initiative that brings together CMOs to address these issues.

Lastly, Lex gives honest advice to his younger self and other motivated marketers. “There’s no miracle plan or innate skillset”, but he shares what he believes are the key ingredients for success.

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