TFAR – Episode 34 – Creating our Marketers of the Future

TFAR – Episode 34 – Creating our Marketers of the Future

In this episode, Paul is joined by Ritchie Mehta, CEO at the School of Marketing – an organisation that is changing the way marketing education is delivered to help up-skill and re-train individuals globally. He is a passionate advocate for helping young people from diverse and disadvantaged backgrounds get into the world of marketing. 

Ritchie shares his own personal story of how in his early career he felt locked out and an imposter because he did not look the same or come from the same background as many of the people around him. 

Ritchie candidly discusses his personal university experiences as well as the realities of his journey into entrepreneurship. Ritchie highlights the challenges that underprivileged students and anyone from disadvantaged backgrounds face when attempting to enter the marketing field, including unfair recruitment processes and poor company cultures, and he offers advice on what we can do individually and as businesses to help alleviate those challenges. 

Ritchie also puts a stark spotlight on the fact that 90 percent of us will need retraining by 2030 (Source:CBI), and yet few businesses are taking advantage of the opportunities available. Are you leveraging the apprenticeship levy? Not only does it help young people, but also helps businesses up-skill and grow. 

This is episode is hard hitting and will prompt you to re-consider whether you are doing all you can to build an inclusive workforce and consistently up-skill your talent. You won’t regret tuning in…

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