TFAR – Episode 40 – The Fight for Customer Data and Loyalty

TFAR – Episode 40 – The Fight for Customer Data and Loyalty

In this episode, Paul talks to Jack Hinchliffe, CMO of KFC UK&I. Jack is a commercial leader with experience working across some of the world’s most loved food brands. He has been instrumental in driving change across access, food, communications and media to make KFC more relevant, more distinctive and easier to access.

Jack talks about the fight for customer data and loyalty that we’re increasingly seeing from brands. Over the last years we’ve seen the likes of Tesco shifting from a points based system to an immediate value exchange. What are the ultimate strategic drivers? He questions the belief that capturing data and gaining customer loyalty can be delivered simultaneously through the same mechanism.

Listen to hear how KFC went from being ‘out of touch and irrelevant as a brand in culture’, to delivering the strongest share gains on record and awarded 2021 Brand of the Year by Marketing Week. He gives an insightful and balanced view on what it takes to evolve a brand through collaboration internally (marketing, operations and technology teams working symbiotically) as well as externally. 

Stay tuned till the end where Jack shares his advice for all marketers from the perspective of a CMO. A must listen!

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