Your road to digital transformation


  • Evaluate the Operating Model

Marketers know they need to innovate to keep pace with the market and new competition. But where best to begin? What are the key competencies needed? How do you evaluate both the organisational & cultural barriers alongside technology and capability gaps?

Propel the brand’s digital maturity as a key enabler for growth

Establish a roadmap for accelerating change:

  • Core
  • Culture
  • Collaborations
  • Customer
  • Capabilities
  • Connections
Be clear on the RIGHT model between in-house and in-sourcing. Determine the optimal model:

  • Transformation
  • Talent
  • Tech
  • Tab (costs)

Ensure alignment of a global media strategy and consistent roll-out

Defining the role of Centre vs Regions/Markets for Digital

  • Best practices
  • Playbooks
  • Streamline processes
  • Improve efficiencies
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  • Build Strong Digital Foundations

CvE will help create a strong layer of existing or new talent for you to accelerate digitisation.

Upskill your team and speed up digital deployment. CvE will support you in:

  • Deploying agile in marketing
  • Performance Marketing
  • Test and refine strategies
  • Data & Analytics
  • Digital marketing: SEM, Paid Social, Programmatic, SEO, UX, Amazon, CRO, AB testing etc.

Digital Acceleration – through embedding vetted experts that accelerate your digital plan in weeks. A job role specification jointly written by YOU & sourced by CvE with a focus on:

  • Accelerating media/digital/analytics expertise in-house
  • Overseeing and delivery of digital work streams
  • Auditing of the tech stack and data sources existing within business
  • Auditing of digital performance and KPI’s in place
  • Identification of talent gaps, build business case and source talent
  • Implementing new processes and governance
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  • Strategy Set Up

Most digital is run on the same platform that measures its success. Having an independent, unbiased co-pilot as an advocate is invaluable to ensure you’re getting everything you paid for.

Define optimal digital mix to reach your business goals.


  • Digital and Traditional Mix
  • DTC/Ecommerce vs Retail/Partners
  • Align Capability building and training
Leverage analytics to inform the optimal mix for best return

Through audience discovery and ROI modelling lens, develop an optimal media strategy by channel.

Understand the true contribution of each channel/ combination of digital channels:

  • Multi touch attribution
  • Media mix modelling
  • Incrementality testing
  • Cross-channel analysis
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  • Identify Optimal Data/Tech Stack

We are your industry foresight and data science team. Validate you’re on the right track and getting everything you should from your media and technology partners. From contract review to full raw log-level data analysis, we will find statistical trends, insights and deep learning to collaboratively improve your business performance.

Alignment of tech with your marketing strategy

  • Evaluate current tech stack
  • Define future state
  • Recommend, implement and onboard DMP / CDP /DSP / Ad Server
  • Machine Learning
  • Custom algorithm build
Strategic data collection/organisation & activation strategy aligned to business goals. Delivers a framework designed to achieve business goals by:

  • Capturing
  • Enhancing
  • Managing
  • Activating data marketing strategy
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  • Hands On Keyboards Support

We are your digital and performance marketing team. From the initial strategy to execution to reporting and insights, we offer end-to-end expertise across all biddable media channels, including programmatic display, social, SEM, audio, video and advanced TV.

  • PPC
  • Paid Social
  • Programmatic
  • CTV
  • Amazon
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