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We are a marketing growth consultancy with the breadth and depth of experience to advise senior marketers and the hands-on expertise to deliver. We enable marketing teams to be more effective, agile, and capable of realising higher growth.

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CvE works alongside ISBA to provide updates on industry trends and challenges, providing content and workshops that help marketers navigate the modern marketing landscape.

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Turbocharging Marketing Efforts: Paddy Power Betfair Prepares for the Digital Era

Paddy Power Betfair, a leading sports betting and gaming company, recognized the need to step up their marketing game and turbocharge their marketing efforts by implementing innovative strategies and technologies to reach and engage their target audience effectively.

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The Demise of Third-Party Cookies: Challenges and Opportunities in Marketing Data with Stuart Colman, Founder of Colman Media, Data and Technology

In this episode of the Time for a Reset podcast,  Rob sits down with Stuart Colman, Founder of Colman Media, Data, and Technology, to discuss the need for a reset in marketing data. The demise of the third-party cookie has changed the fundamentals of advertising, and businesses need to embrace new technologies and ways of working to transform their operations. He further discusses the impact of recent changes in the digital advertising industry, the importance of first-party identity, and the role of publishers in the industry, and concludes by speculating on the factors that may influence Google's decision to remove third-party cookies. 

Join them as they:

  • Discuss the transformation of third-party cookies in marketing over the years
  • Elaborate on the impact of cookie limitations on Apple products
  • Highlight the effect of third-party cookies' demise on publishers 
  • Find out how Google's decision to remove third-party cookies will affect the marketing sector 

Stuart Colman is the Founder of Colman Media, Data and Technology, a  technology consultancy.  Stuart is committed to providing expertise on digital advertising, market-entry, data usage, and go-to-market strategies, to name a few. He is known for his exceptional competence in managing sales teams and revenue flows, harnessing safe data assets while  being customer-centric. 

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