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We a consultancy dedicated to enabling marketing to be a more effective growth engine. Our team, comprised of industry experts and consultants with backgrounds spanning brand side, agency, technology, and publishing, advises Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs), senior marketers, and their teams on strategies that best suit their brand and business.

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IBSA and CvE partnership

ISBA Partnership

CvE works alongside ISBA to provide updates on industry trends and challenges, providing content and workshops that help marketers navigate the modern marketing landscape.

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Turbocharging Marketing Efforts: Paddy Power Betfair Prepares for the Digital Era

Paddy Power Betfair, a leading sports betting and gaming company, recognized the need to step up their marketing game and turbocharge their marketing efforts by implementing innovative strategies and technologies to reach and engage their target audience effectively.

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Episode 67 - Moving away from Marketing Jargon and Closer to Transforming Marketing into a Growth Engine with Caroline Harrison from HSBC UK

In this episode of Time For a Reset: The Marketing Podcast with Global Leaders, Paul Frampton, Global President at CvE Consultancy, connects with Caroline Harrison, Director and Head of Digital Marketing at HSBC UK

You can also get an excellent overview of the main highlights and discussion points by reading our blog piece of the episode.

Join them as they discuss:

  • Caroline’s marketing reset: Simplify marketing jargon for more effective communication
  • Pivoting marketing from a cost centre to a revenue engine
  • Prioritising tasks for greater efficiency and effectiveness
  • The relationship between performance and brand marketing
  • The role of measurement and attribution in driving informed decisions
  • Right housing: The fine balance between in-house and outsourced marketing activities

People who know Caroline professionally use brave, disruptive, dedicated, and passionate to describe her. She is fearless in asking the right questions and challenging the status quo. As a consummate digital marketer, she ensures that digital performance is underpinned by tangible and measurable results. 

Caroline provides authentic leadership and creates an environment of openness and trust. Her knowledge of digital marketing enables her to support both the vision and the day-to-day details. However, her passion for innovation and driving change is particularly inspiring. Caroline’s 20+ year career in digital marketing cuts across global brands like American Express, Barclays Bank, and HSBC UK. 

The full transcript is available here.

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