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CvE advises brands on their digital marketing transformation agenda through a combination of advisory and consulting and then co-pilots the transformation by providing on-demand, hands-on expertise across media, technology and data.

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Advisory and accountability partner to brands undergoing digital marketing transformation. We support in finding the optimal marketing operating model, cutting across areas including right housing, digital acceleration, adtech strategy, agile, analytics, data strategy, identity management, and digital media strategy effectiveness/attribution.

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Right Housing & Ad Tech Transformation

Nokia / HMD Global was looking for a media strategy for their handsets that not only worked its media dollars more efficiently but also optimises data, especially given its plans to sell the phones directly to consumers.

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TFAR - Episode 30 - Marketing In A Digital Business - Why It’s About Brand Not Transformation

In this episode, Paul chats with Matt Bushby, Marketing Director at JustEat. Matt has vast experience as a marketer in a digital world. For a company like Just Eat, digital transformation is not as important when the entire business is already digital. Nonetheless, Matt comprehends how digital businesses can take the road of attribution and not invest in their brand. Matt describes why the right KPIs must be in place when brand awareness activity is running so that marketing can show the impact these tactics have. All of that comes before a client considers downloading the app, which also comes before the order is placed in JustEat. As a result, JustEat is much more than a digital business doing performance marketing, but it is a more mature brand that recognises the value of investing in the long term and has understood how that drives new customers, repeat customers, and Customer Lifetime Value. Matt also explains the importance of incrementality and the fact that a brand will never reach a perfect measurement model. From his experience, Matt argues how there’s never a right answer from econometrics, digital attribution, or running an incrementality study. He knows the value of understanding these practices to later piece everything together. It’s a science and art too.

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