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We are a marketing growth consultancy with the breadth and depth of experience to advise senior marketers and the hands-on expertise to deliver. We enable marketing teams to be more effective, agile, and capable of realising higher growth.

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ISBA Partnership

CvE works alongside ISBA to provide updates on industry trends and challenges, providing content and workshops that help marketers navigate the modern marketing landscape.

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Turbocharging Marketing Efforts: Paddy Power Betfair Prepares for the Digital Era

Paddy Power Betfair, a leading sports betting and gaming company, recognized the need to step up their marketing game and turbocharge their marketing efforts by implementing innovative strategies and technologies to reach and engage their target audience effectively.

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Why a Marketing Team Must Balance High Performance and Empathy: A Conversation with Marc Caulfield, Founder of Marc Caulfield Ltd

In this episode of the Time for a Reset podcast, Paul Frampton sits down with Marc Caulfield, Founder of Marc Caulfield Ltd., for a free-flowing discussion that pivots around looking at life through a mental health lens. Marc also shares how showing vulnerability and authenticity are signs of good leadership. He shares his insight on avenues to explore and people to talk to when experiencing mental health issues.

Join them as they:

  • Discuss the importance of shedding the imposter syndrome  
  • Share ideas on how true collaboration plays out
  • Look at the dynamics of high performance in an enabling environment
  • Examine avenues that someone suffering from mental wellness issues can explore

You can also get an excellent overview of the main highlights and discussion points by reading our blog piece of the episode.

Marc Caulfield is the Founder of Marc Caulfield Ltd, a consultancy that helps businesses look at employee performance through the lens of their mental well-being. He is passionate about bringing positive change to employee wellness and shows how it can improve staff well-being and have a measurable effect on the company’s bottom line. He is also the Ambassador for the Big Youth Group, an organisation empowering young people to succeed. 

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