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We are a marketing growth consultancy with the breadth and depth of experience to advise senior marketers and the hands-on expertise to deliver. We enable marketing teams to be more effective, agile, and capable of realising higher growth.

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    IBSA and CvE partnership

    ISBA Partnership

    CvE works alongside ISBA to provide updates on industry trends and challenges, providing content and workshops that help marketers navigate the modern marketing landscape.

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    Controlling for Crypto Market Sentiment in Marketing Attribution

    Ziglu is a crypto start up that aims to disrupt the banking sector by offering interest rates on crypto holdings. Having recently been acquired by Robinhood, they have ambitions of being the number 1 crypto brand in Europe. CvE was appointed to lead marketing effectiveness services for Ziglu.

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    TFAR - Episode 41 - 5 Steps to Empathy to Improve Your Marketing and Become a Better Marketer With Rob Volpe

    In this episode, Paul sits down with Rob Volpe, CEO of Ignite 360 and author of "Let's Talk About That: Solving the Empathy Crisis One Conversation at a Time”.

    Paul and Rob discuss the impact of empathy in marketing. Rob demystifies empathy and reminds us of the enormous influence it can have in all aspects of marketing. It is something that we frequently overlook, from marketing teams to campaigns. There have been several disasters in the industry, such as the Kendall Jenner x Pepsi campaign, but also some winners, such as United Airlines' current empathetic campaign.

    If we stop talking about data for a moment, there is huge gap in marketing for empathy. Rob gets Paul to reflect on his own definition of empathy and how this makes him a better leader. Rob discusses why so many leaders struggle with or avoid empathy, as well as how this harms organisations. There are many studies that prove the value of empathy when driving innovation as people feel important and safe. When it comes to brand and team transformations, empathy plays a huge part in success.

    Empathy is required for collaboration, communication, decision-making, and negotiation. All of these abilities are required not only to become a better marketer, but also to become a better contributor, partner, employee, and other positions in life. 

    A great listen for everyone and every marketer!

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