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Consumer behaviour is changing fast and marketing must too. Marketing has more of an opportunity than ever to lead the board agenda. The Time for a Reset Podcast talks to inspirational marketing leaders to understand how they are driving change in their own companies. 


    Episode 60 – From C-Suite Alignment to Becoming Data-Driven: Insights from 10 Marketing Leaders

    In this special episode of Time For a Reset: The Marketing Podcast, we celebrate our third anniversary by revisiting a selection of the best conversations with ten of our global leader guests. 

    This episode is packed with insights from the fast-evolving marketing world, including aligning marketing strategies with the C-Suite and the benefits of making data-driven decisions. If you want to know more about how marketing leaders are changing the game or how you can uplevel your marketing strategies, make sure to tune in!



    Episode 59 – Reckitt’s Remarkable Journey to Take Marketing to the Top of the Board Room Agenda with Jason Carter

    On the latest episode of Time For a Reset: The Marketing Podcast with Global Leaders, host Paul Frampton – Global President at CvE Consultancy,  is joined by Jason Carter, Global Transformation Director at Reckitt, a renowned global and legacy CPG brand. in the consumer packaged goods industry (CPG). 

    The discussion pivots around the evolution of marketing in the CPG space, with Jason sharing insights across different critical topics and marketing touchpoints, including his Reset on the importance of integrating media and creative teams with the brand at the core, the challenges of aligning vertical specialists with strategy formulators, and why marketing needs a seat at the board head of the table to drive true business growth and transformation. Jason also touches on Reckitt’s current views on marketing in-housing and the importance of a strategic plan which defines a hybrid model where agencies and partners play a key role.

    Join us as we discuss:

    • The challenges of building an integrated marketing roadmap
    • Aligning brand strategy with vertical specialists 
    • Why marketing needs a seat at the head of the table
    • Marketing in-housing and the importance of a hybrid model 

    Jason has over 30 years of leadership experience that stretches from agencies like Universal McCann and Zenith to global brands like Reckitt. He is an entrepreneurial and passionate media executive with a track record of launching and scaling digital capabilities across markets and building motivated and collaborative teams that deliver innovative digital marketing. 

    Jason is also the founder of cartR Advisory, a platform that helps advertisers, agencies, publishers, tech players, and investors design, develop, and deploy growth strategies.

    Enjoy this episode!

    The full transcript is available here.


    Episode 58 – Reinventing the Shopper Experience at the Intersection of Offline and Online with Seb Bardin of Coca-Cola

    In this episode of the Time for a Reset: The Marketing Podcast, Paul sits down with Seb Bardin, the In-Store Experience Marketing Lead at Coca-Cola.  Also known as The Coco-Cola Company. 

    They discuss the direct-to-consumer (DTC) space, the importance of first-party data, the traditional world of shopper marketing, and the integration of the physical and digital shopping experience. 

    Seb highlights the importance of continuous learning and having a growth mindset to stay future-relevant.

    Join us as we:

    • Discuss the need to develop a business mindset
    • Examine the value of effective communication between teams
    • Examine the rise of DTC and the opportunities it presents
    • Evaluate the shift from specialisation to integration in marketing
    • Assess the importance of a strong data strategy

    Seb has over 16 years of digital marketing leadership experience at global brands like Shell, Sony, Unilever, and Coca-Cola. He is an expert in developing and executing digital, e-commerce, and media strategies. 

    Seb prides himself on his ability to help businesses grow and to drive value for consumers using an integrated end-to-end marketing approach and digital transformation throughout the funnel. 

    Enjoy listening to our #marketing podcast!


    Episode 57 – How Data and Creativity Collide in B2B Marketing with Olya Dyachuk of Heineken

    In this episode of the Time for a Reset: The Marketing Podcast, Nick King sits down with Olya Dyachuk, Data-Driven Media Director at Heineken. We discuss the importance of sustainability and diversity in marketing, the role of data and technology in media planning, and the need for marketers to prioritise people and consumers. Olya shares how Heineken is leading the charge in responsible media while inspiring brand teams to do more in these areas. 

    Join us as we:

    • Discuss aligning creativity with data to drive marketing results
    • Look at how #ROI and a focus on KPIs elevate marketing to the boardroom at Heineken 
    • Examine the need to drive #sustainability and #diversity in media management 
    • Evaluate the impact of brand equity and positioning on business results
    •  Give advice for young marketing professionals

    Olya has over 15 years of marketing leadership experience at global brands like Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Bacardi, and Heineken. She is an expert in Global Marketing, Digital, Data and Technology. Olya is a leader, creative thinker, change-maker, problem solver, and a passionate believer in inclusive and sustainable marketing. Olya is the winner of ‘Media Leader 2023’ in the Advertiser category.

    The full transcript is available here.


    Episode 56 – Mastering the Data & MarTech Realm. Stuart Colman. Part 2

    In this episode of the Time for a Reset podcast, Rob sits down with Stuart Colman, Founder of Colman Media, Data, and Technology, to discuss the current state of the TCF (Transparency and Consent Framework) and potential areas for improvement, such as clarifying responsibilities and simplifying the process for consumers. He further discusses clean rooms and their potential benefits and challenges, including the need for interoperability and the high entry point for small businesses. He then moves the conversation to the world of AI and its impact on advertising and marketing.

    Join them as they:

    • Discuss the challenges and impacts of TCF on the marketing industry 
    • Address privacy concerns and data sharing with clean rooms 
    • Explore the potential future development of clean rooms  
    • Highlight the universal ID approach to replacing third-party cookies
    • Examine the implications of AI in the Advertising and Marketing industry 

    Stuart Colman is the founder of Colman Media, Data and Technology, a technology consultancy. Stuart is committed to providing expertise on digital advertising, market-entry, data usage, and go-to-market strategies, to name a few. He is known for his exceptional competence in managing sales teams and revenue flows, harnessing safe data assets while being customer-centric. 

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    Episode 55 – Mastering the Data & MarTech Realm. Stuart Colman. Part 1

    In this episode of the Time for a Reset podcast,  Robert Webster Data & Martech global expert and VP of Strategy & Innovation at CvE, sits down with Stuart Colman, Founder of Colman Media, Data, and Technology, to discuss the need for a reset in marketing data. The demise of the third-party cookie has changed the fundamentals of advertising, and businesses need to embrace new technologies and ways of working to transform their operations. He further discusses the impact of recent changes in the digital advertising industry, the importance of first-party identity, and the role of publishers in the industry, and concludes by speculating on the factors that may influence Google’s decision to remove third-party cookies. 

    Join them as they:

    • Discuss the transformation of third-party cookies in marketing over the years
    • Elaborate on the impact of cookie limitations on Apple products
    • Highlight the effect of third-party cookies’ demise on publishers 
    • Find out how Google’s decision to remove third-party cookies will affect the marketing sector 

    Stuart Colman is the Founder of Colman Media, Data and Technology, a  technology consultancy.  Stuart is committed to providing expertise on digital advertising, market-entry, data usage, and go-to-market strategies, to name a few. He is known for his exceptional competence in managing sales teams and revenue flows, harnessing safe data assets while  being customer-centric. 

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    Episode 54 – Diversity and Inclusion: Key Elements for Marketing’s Future Operating Model. A Discussion. Jesh Sukhwani, Lenovo

    In this episode of the Time for a Reset podcast, Nick King sits down with Jesh Sukhwani, Global in-housing Media & COE Director at Lenovo, a world-class IT service and consulting firm. Jesh elaborates on the importance of diversity and inclusion in marketing. He further delves into Lenovo’s marketing transformation and the collaborative approach needed to future-proof the business in the digital industry. They emphasise prioritising the consumer, building trust, and exchanging value between advertising and content. 

    Join them as they discuss:

    • The approach and philosophy of digital marketing  
    • The importance of understanding data collection and user privacy to future-proof the business
    • Tactics to build customers’ trust 
    • Transformation processes for marketing

    Jesh Sukhwani, Global in-housing Media & COE Director at Lenovo, is a fifteen-year expert in the marketing and media space. He has a track record of company building and growth through excellence in strategy and execution. He also has significant experience in internal and external teams to “connect the dots” between clients, agencies, partners and platforms, across media, data, and technology in a highly fragmented and complex digital marketplace.

    The full transcript is available here.


    Episode 53 – How The New York Times Successfully Pivoted to Subscription-based Business at Scale. Amy Weisenbach, NYT

    In this episode of the Time for a Reset podcast, Paul Frampton is joined by Amy Weisenbach, SVP and Head of Marketing at The New York Times. The conversation cuts across multiple marketing touchpoints, including NYT pivoting to a paid subscription model, the role of marketing in driving business growth and building brand value, and marketing strategies in a headwind environment. Amy also touches on the hot topic of marketing’s role in ensuring identity and data privacy and offers valuable advice for young marketing professionals. 

    You can also get an excellent overview of the main highlights and discussion points by reading our blog piece of the episode.

    Join them as they:

    • Discuss how marketing must use every touchpoint to build brand value and drive growth
    • Talk about marketing strategies in a headwind business environment
    • Examine the intersection of marketing, technology, identity, and privacy
    • The importance of marketing internally within an organization 
    • Share valuable advice for upcoming marketing professionals

    Amy Weisenbach is the SVP and Head of Marketing at The New York Times. Amy and her team are responsible for all consumer marketing, including campaigns for The New York Times News, Games, Cooking, Wirecutter, Audio, and the All Access bundle. Previously Amy led marketing for Wilson Sporting Goods, the world’s leading manufacturer of sports equipment and has also spent six years as a marketing leader at Unilever. She attended Harvard Business School and was previously voted in the top 50 CMOs in America by Campaign.

    The full transcript is available here.


    Episode 52 – Are Marketers Growth Drivers? Jordan Liebman, Blue Jeans by Verizon

    In this episode of the Time for a Reset podcast, Fiona Davis sits down with Jordan Liebman, VP of Global Demand Generation & Brand Marketing at Blue Jeans by Verizon, for a deep dive into the marketing challenges in the B2B space and how marketers can become growth drivers within an organisation. Jordan articulates the importance of brand marketing and teaching a test-and-learn culture in marketing organisations. Jordan also shares valuable tips for upcoming marketing professionals and shares his vision for the future of B2B marketing over the next five years.

    You can also get an excellent overview of the main highlights and discussion points by reading our blog piece of the episode.

    Join them as they:

    • Discuss the challenge of aligning the long-term benefits of brand marketing with short-term goals
    • Explain how to inculcate a test-and-learn culture
    • Share advice for marketing leaders of tomorrow
    • Discuss how marketing can be a growth engine for companies across industries

    Jordan Leibman is the VP of Global Demand Generation & Brand Marketing at Blue Jeans by Verizon. He is a result-driven leader and creative problem-solver known for delivering strong financial results. Jordan is an articulate communicator with a high ability to collaborate and drive advocacy across enterprises, and he is talented at coaching teams to provide consistent strategic, business, and cultural impact. Jordan developed his passion for global brands early in his career. Following leadership roles at Grey and executive positions at Publicis and BBDO, he joined Verizon. He has led disruptive marketing innovation across the B2C and B2B verticals for over eight years.

    The full transcript is available here.


    Episode 51 – Sustainability: Are Brands Really Getting It? Gavin Sheppard, Pinwheel

    In this episode of the Time for a Reset podcast, Paul Frampton sits down with Gavin Sheppard, CEO at Pinwheel, a consultancy in the sustainability space that delivers corporate environmental and conservation actions for a positive impact on both the planet and brands. Gavin explains the meaning of sustainability and why companies must need to better understand not only what it implies, but increase and realign their sustainability spend to make both short-term and long-term impacts. He also touches on how companies can communicate their efforts and achievements more effectively to consumers.

    You can also get an excellent overview of the main highlights and discussion points by reading our blog piece of the episode.

    Join them as they:

    • Discuss why businesses need to focus on sustainability
    • Shed light on the definition of sustainability
    • Share ideas on the roadmap of its implementation at companies
    • Examine the need for companies to communicate more effectively with the consumer

    Gavin Sheppard, CEO at Pinwheel, is a twenty-year veteran in the marketing and sustainability space. He co-founded Pinwheel along with former UK home secretary Amber Rudd and ad entrepreneur Rupert Howell. He has over a decades worth of board-level experience across the full commercial and marketing mix. He has built and led high-performance teams that understand, reach and influence audiences. He also has significant experience in establishing or reengineering disruptive new businesses.

    The full transcript is available here.


    Episode 50 – Why a Marketing Team Must Balance High Performance and Empathy. Marc Caulfield

    In this episode of the Time for a Reset podcast, Paul Frampton sits down with Marc Caulfield, Founder of Marc Caulfield Ltd., for a free-flowing discussion that pivots around looking at life through a mental health lens. Marc also shares how showing vulnerability and authenticity are signs of good leadership. He shares his insight on avenues to explore and people to talk to when experiencing mental health issues.

    Join them as they:

    • Discuss the importance of shedding the imposter syndrome  
    • Share ideas on how true collaboration plays out
    • Look at the dynamics of high performance in an enabling environment
    • Examine avenues that someone suffering from mental wellness issues can explore

    You can also get an excellent overview of the main highlights and discussion points by reading our blog piece of the episode.

    Marc Caulfield is the Founder of Marc Caulfield Ltd, a consultancy that helps businesses look at employee performance through the lens of their mental well-being. He is passionate about bringing positive change to employee wellness and shows how it can improve staff well-being and have a measurable effect on the company’s bottom line. He is also the Ambassador for the Big Youth Group, an organisation empowering young people to succeed. 

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    Episode 49 – Balancing Profit vs Purpose at a Mission Centric Company. Aidaly Sosa, Tony’s Chocolonely

    In this episode of the Time for a Reset podcast, Paul Frampton sits down with Aidaly Sosa, Head of Marketing U.S. at Tony’s Chocolonely, for an in-depth discussion on how mission-led companies use marketing to spread a consistent message that aligns with company values and resonates with the customer. Aidaly also explains how profit and purpose are two sides of the same coin and are not mutually exclusive. Customer awareness drives more companies to identify their North Star and align all business activities to their core purpose. 

    Join them as they:

    • Discuss the DNA makeup at mission-led companies 
    • Share how your product can narrate your brand story
    • Examine the need for coherent messaging to create awareness of the brand mission
    • Shed light on the profit vs purpose dichotomy

    You can also get an excellent overview of the main highlights and discussion points by reading our blog piece of the episode.

    Aidaly Sosa, the Head of Marketing U.S. at Tony’s Chocolonely, was born and raised in Curaçao with an innate curiosity and love for travel. Her adventurous spirit brought her to Amsterdam, where she studied and graduated with a degree in International Business. She has a 10-year career in the fashion industry, where she honed her product messaging and brand communication skills. Her passion for sustainability and social impact is tailor-made for her role at Tony’s, and  Aidaly has played a crucial role in launching Tony’s in big box retailers like Target. She has also created successful partnerships with beloved brands like Ben & Jerry’s and championed Tony’s civic engagement campaign, ‘Make Your Voice Heard’.


    Episode 48 – Achieving Organisational Transformation with Adam Wright, Beiersdorf

    In this episode of the Time for a Reset podcast – Inside Marketing Transformation,  Athar sits down with Adam Wright, Head of Digital at Beiersdorf, to discuss how a reset and transformation at global enterprises is a calibrated and step-by-step process rather than a big-bang change. Adam also shares insights on how to drive buy-in to change and build trust across the organisation. They also discuss some common barriers to change and how to overcome them.

    Join them as they:

    • Discuss how transformation plays out on a day-to-day basis.
    • Examine different levers to secure buy-in for change.
    • Look at how transformation at large companies is a series of small steps.
    • Discuss why change sometimes needs to be driven on a piecemeal basis.
    • Shine a light on the role of tech and data in driving change.

    You can also get an excellent overview of the main highlights and discussion points by reading our blog piece of the episode.

    Adam Wright is the Head of Digital at Beiersdorf Northern Europe, a holding company for skin care brands like Nivea, Coppertone, and 8×4. He leads the digital team responsible for full-funnel digital activity, including retail media and DTC for NIVEA and NIVEA Men. Adam is also a keynote speaker on growth hacking, experimentation culture, data-driven marketing, and D2C. He is also a keen reader, writer, and fitness enthusiast. His passion is building rapid experimentation cultures to supercharge growth.

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    You can find the full transcript of this episode here.


    Episode 47 – Empowering E-commerce: The Game-Changing Strategy for the Beauty Industry with Lou Bennett at Benefit Cosmetics

    In this episode of our podcast, Paul sits down with Lou Bennett, the Marketing Director at Benefit Cosmetics. Lou has a wealth of experience in the retail sector and is passionate about breaking down silos in the industry. 

    Together, they delve into the importance of perspective in marketing and how Lou and her team at Benefit Cosmetics spend time in retail stores to get a real-life understanding of customer behaviour and experience. They also discuss the changing landscape of the beauty industry and how e-commerce has affected how Benefit Cosmetics approaches its go-to-market strategy in the post-pandemic era. 

    Tune in to hear about the importance of cross-functional collaboration in creating a seamless customer experience, the role of data and technology in driving customer engagement, and how Benefit Cosmetics is leading the way in this space.


    Episode 46 – Diversity, Inclusion, and Personalisation: A Winning Strategy for Brands. Munnawar Chishty, No 7

    In this episode of Time for a Reset, host Paul Frampton is joined by Munnawar Chisty, Marketing Director and Global Category Director for Beauty at No 7. She comes from a background of several senior management roles, leading many marketing teams at Johnson&Johnson, GSK and delivered growth for international and UK brands. Munnawar shares her thoughts on the marketing industry’s approach to diversity and inclusion (DE&I), how we can do this authentically and how brands can create a more personalised customer experience. 

    Munnawar believes that diversity and inclusion should be central to a brand’s core strategy and should be considered from an end-to-end perspective, including product development, range architecture, communications, and customer experiences. Munnawar also emphasises the importance of having a diverse group at the table when making decisions and reaching out to external consultants for guidance.

    Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from one of the leading voices in the industry and discover how to revolutionise your brand’s approach to diversity and inclusion, and a personalised customer experience that will set your brand apart.


    Episode 45 – Why Marketing Is All About Fulfilling Customers Needs Profitably. Lysa Hardy, Hotel Chocolat

    In this episode of the podcast, we are thrilled to welcome Lysa Hardy, Group CMO and Managing Director of Direct to Consumer UK at Hotel Chocolat, to share her wealth of experience and insights on the ever-evolving landscape of marketing technology. With a distinguished career spanning multiple C-level roles across a range of renowned brands including T-Mobile, RAC, and Holland & Barrett, Lysa is a true industry veteran.

    As marketers, it can be all too easy to get caught up in the latest fads and trends in technology, but Lysa reminds us of the fundamental core principles of marketing that have remained unchanged. She expertly navigates the complex world of technology, offering valuable insights on how to manage it as a CMO and how to effectively communicate with the board, shareholders, and investors.

    Throughout the episode, Lysa reflects on her illustrious career and offers a unique perspective on the development of marketing over the years. On a more personal note, she candidly shares her experience balancing a demanding executive role with the demands of family life as a mother of four, and the launch of her own skincare company. Lysa emphasizes the importance of setting boundaries and the value of quality time with loved ones.

    Tune in to the end of the episode, where Lysa provides actionable advice to all marketers and offers an exclusive glimpse into the mind of a seasoned industry leader. Don’t miss this chance to gain valuable insights and inspiration from one of the most respected voices in the marketing world.


    Episode 44 – 5 Steps to Empathy to Become a Better Marketer With Rob Volpe

    In this episode, Paul sits down with Rob Volpe, CEO of Ignite 360 and author of “Tell Me More About That: Solving the Empathy Crisis One Conversation at a Time”.

    Paul and Rob discuss the impact of empathy in marketing. Rob demystifies empathy and reminds us of the enormous influence it can have in all aspects of marketing. It is something that we frequently overlook, from marketing teams to campaigns. There have been several disasters in the industry, such as the Kendall Jenner x Pepsi campaign, but also some winners, such as United Airlines’ current empathetic campaign.

    If we stop talking about data for a moment, there is huge gap in marketing for empathy. Rob gets Paul to reflect on his own definition of empathy and how this makes him a better leader. Rob discusses why so many leaders struggle with or avoid empathy, as well as how this harms organisations. There are many studies that prove the value of empathy when driving innovation as people feel important and safe. When it comes to brand and team transformations, empathy plays a huge part in success.

    Empathy is required for collaboration, communication, decision-making, and negotiation. All of these abilities are required not only to become a better marketer, but also to become a better contributor, partner, employee, and other positions in life. 

    A great listen for everyone and every marketer!


    Episode 43 – From Irrelevant to Iconic: Inside KFC’s Record-Breaking Brand Transformation. Jack Hinchliffe

     In this episode, Paul sits down with Jack Hinchliffe, CMO of KFC UK&I, to discuss the latest trends and strategies in customer data and loyalty. 

    Jack is a seasoned commercial leader with extensive experience working across some of the world’s most beloved food brands. He has been instrumental in driving change that has made KFC more relevant, distinctive, and accessible to customers.

    As brands compete for customer data and loyalty, Jack offers valuable insights on the ultimate strategic drivers behind these efforts. He shares his perspective on the shift we’ve seen in companies like Tesco, moving from a points-based system to an immediate value exchange. You will hear how KFC transformed from a brand that was ‘out of touch and irrelevant in culture’ to achieving the strongest share gains on record and being awarded 2021 Brand of the Year by Marketing Week. He offers an insightful and balanced view on what it takes to evolve a brand through collaboration, both internally and externally.

    Don’t miss the opportunity to gain valuable insights and inspiration from one of the industry’s top leaders. Stay tuned until the end of the episode where Jack shares his advice for all marketers, offering valuable tips and guidance to help you take your marketing strategies to the next level. 


    Episode 42 – The Intersection of Marketing and Culture: Challenges and Triumphs. Helene Henderson, General Mills

    In this episode, Athar sits down with Helene Henderson, Senior Brand Experience Manager at General Mills, to delve into marketing transformation. Helene has been in the food industry for over a decade and has spent the last 7 years at General Mills, where she has been instrumental in driving organisational design changes within the marketing department.

    As someone with a background in sociology, Helene brings a unique perspective to the conversation, blending marketing and culture together to challenge traditional ways of thinking about consumers. She believes that using terms like ‘targets’ is damaging and instead advocates for viewing consumers as people within the context of their societies.

    During the episode, Helene shares her personal insights and experiences in leading marketing transformation at General Mills. She reveals tried and tested strategies for gaining collective buy-in, and provides insights into how success is measured. She also candidly discusses some of the biggest challenges she has faced and how she overcame them.

    Marketers can expect an honest, compelling, and thought-provoking conversation about marketing transformation at a company that has been in existence for over 150 years. Helene’s unique perspective and wealth of experience make this episode a must-listen for anyone in the marketing industry. So tune in now and gain valuable insights into how to drive meaningful change in your organisation.


    Episode 41 – Breaking Silos, Building Success. Helen Owen, Tribe

    Are you ready to learn the secrets of successful marketing transformation? In this episode of the podcast, Athar sits down with Helen Owen, VP Marketing of Tribe, to discuss the evolution of marketing in the Fintech industry. With 15 years of experience in the field, Helen is an established Fintech marketer and independent consultant, working with businesses of all sizes. As the Goodwill Ambassador of the European Women’s Payments Network, she brings a unique perspective on the challenges of marketing in the Fintech sector.

    Helen offers a fresh perspective on marketing, challenging the traditional notion of digital as a separate subset of channels and instead advocating for a holistic or integrated approach. She shares her experiences as an independent consultant, often observing the negative effects that silos may have on a business.

    Listen as Helen and Athar discuss the challenges of proving marketing’s value at the board table and the importance of gaining visibility into operational systems and funnel activity. Helen shares her experience at Tribe, a three-year-old Fintech firm, and offers valuable insights and pearls of wisdom that can be applied to any marketing profession.

    Stay tuned until the end of the episode, where Helen openly shares her strategies for elevating marketing to the board table and provides valuable recommendations for fellow marketers. This is a must-listen for anyone in the marketing industry looking to stay ahead of the game and drive successful marketing transformation.


    Episode 40 – Leading the Way in DTC Wine Retail. Nathan Wadlow, Virgin Wines

    In this exciting new podcast series, Athar Naser sits down with industry-leading marketing professionals who are shaping the future of their companies and driving change. Get an inside look at how these trailblazers approach change, their own personal resets, and the innovative ways of thinking and building processes that create measurable impact.

    In the first episode of Inside Marketing Transformation, Athar is joined by Nathan Wadlow, Head of Digital at Virgin Wines. Virgin Wines is one of the UK’s largest direct-to-consumer wine retailers, with the goal of revolutionizing the way people buy wine in the UK. With a portfolio of over 1,000 products and 180,000 active customers, Virgin Wines has made a significant impact on the industry.

    Nathan shares the impact of COVID-19 on Virgin Wines and the challenges they faced as an e-commerce business. He offers valuable insights on building a successful team structure, navigating a rapidly changing macro-environment, and other elements that help accelerate transformation. As a bonus, Nathan even shares some of his top wine recommendations.

    Don’t miss out on the valuable insights and inspiration in this episode. Tune in now to hear from one of the industry’s top leaders and gain a deeper understanding of the marketing transformation process.


    Episode 39 – The Inside Track on Why Canton Joined CvE

    Are you curious about the behind-the-scenes story of how Canton Marketing Solutions joined the CvE and Goodway Group family? In this week’s episode of Time for a Reset, we sit down with founders Rob Webster and Nick King, who share their journey and the reasons behind their decision.

    With decades of experience in digital marketing and leadership roles at top companies such as MediaCom, Yahoo, Tacoda, Crimtan, News UK and Future, Rob and Nick are experts in the field. In 2018, they founded Canton Marketing Solutions, a consultancy aimed at helping brands take control of their digital marketing activity. And now, as part of CvE and Goodway Group, they are in a unique position to share their insights and knowledge with an even wider audience.

    In this episode, Rob and Nick share the inside scoop on what motivated them to join CvE and Goodway Group, and how it has benefited their consultancy and clients. They also share their thoughts on the challenges facing CMOs and how businesses can best leverage their partners. They delve into the growing trend of in-housing and provide a unique perspective on how to make the best decisions for your business. They also discuss the talent shortage in the industry and offer suggestions on how to train the next generation of marketers.

    Don’t miss this opportunity to hear the story straight from the founders themselves. Tune in to find out how Canton Marketing Solutions has grown and evolved, and what exciting things are in store for their future with CvE and Goodway Group.


    Episode 38 – The Muscles and Skills That a CMO Must Master: Lessons from a C-Suite Pro with Ellie Norman, former CMO of Formula 1

    In this episode of Time for a Reset, Paul sits down with industry veteran Ellie Norman, a C-Suite executive and former CMO of Formula 1. This episode of Time for a Reset is a must-listen for any professional looking to gain a competitive edge in the industry and stay ahead of the curve!

    Ellie brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the table, offering valuable insights on how to balance short-term and long-term marketing strategies. She provides a unique perspective on the role of economic cycles in shaping marketing strategies and how the pandemic has disrupted traditional market patterns. 

    From the rise of subscription streaming services to the emergence of gaming elements on streaming platforms, Ellie expertly navigates these trends and provides actionable marketing insights.

    Throughout the episode, Ellie also shares her personal journey in the marketing industry, highlighting the importance of building strong relationships, empowering teams, and creating value for customers. She also offers her invaluable advice on how to build credibility as a marketer.

    Don’t miss out on this opportunity to gain valuable insights from one of the most accomplished C-Suite executives and former CMO of Formula 1!


    Episode 37 – Empowerment in the Workplace: Female Leadership and Breaking Through Patriarchal Culture

    Join Paul as he sits down with Christine Fellows, Managing Director of NBC in the APAC region, for a conversation that will challenge your thinking and leave you feeling empowered to make a difference.  

    In this thought-provoking conversation, Christine and Paul delve into the topic of equal opportunity and female leadership in the workplace. With research from Christine’s own project Nineby9, they discuss the surprising results of a survey on women’s expectations of gender pay in the workforce. Christine offers insights on cultural differences, the importance of diversity in the workplace and shares her thoughts on the power of Gen Z and how they may hold the key to a more equal future..

    But it’s not all serious, Christine and Paul also discuss the entertainment industry, Christine shares her experience of working at NBC, Comcast and Turner, and even shares her thoughts on the future of AI and what’s coming next. And even if you’re not in the entertainment industry, Christine’s advice on how to drive change and promote diversity will be valuable for anyone looking to make a difference in their own workplace. 

    Don’t miss this enlightening and action-inspiring conversation – tune in now!


    Episode 36 – Why Radical Candor Is a Secret Weapon for CMO’s: Unlocking the Secrets of Success, Mark Evans, Direct Line Group

    Get ready to take your marketing game to the next level with this episode of Time for a Reset! Join Paul as he sits down with Mark Evans, Managing Director of Marketing & Digital at Direct Line Group, to learn from one of the industry’s top leaders.

    Mark shares his wealth of experience, from his early days at Mars to his leadership roles at HSBC and 118-118. He also offers valuable insights on imposter syndrome and the philosophy of radical candor, and how to create a culture that encourages open communication and feedback.

    Mark also delves into the importance of Agile working and the mindset behind it, and shares his thoughts on data-driven marketing and how to make the right investment decisions. Plus, he offers his predictions for the role of marketing at the board level in the coming years.

    Tune in now and discover the secrets to success in the fast-paced world of marketing from Mark Evans, a true expert in the field. With his in-depth knowledge and practical advice, you’ll learn how to overcome imposter syndrome, create a culture of open communication, and stay ahead of the curve in data-driven marketing. 

    You’ll also hear Mark’s thoughts on the future of marketing and how to position yourself for success in the boardroom. This is an episode you won’t want to miss, so tune in now and take your marketing skills to the next level with Mark Evans!


    Episode 35 – A Rally Cry for Radical Truth and Transparency in Marketing: Insights from a Crypto CMO, Brandon Keenen

    Are you ready to learn the secrets of successful marketing from a true industry insider? In this episode of Time for a Reset, Paul sits down with Brandon Keenen, CMO of Ziglu, a new challenger crypto bank recently acquired by Robinhood, to discuss the complexities of marketing and the importance of Radical Truth and Transparency.

    With a diversified background, including CMO of Antstream and experience working with networks such as CNN, Buzzfeed, and AOL, Brandon offers valuable insights on the challenges of discussing attribution at the board level and the misconceptions surrounding digital marketing. He emphasizes the necessity of trust and communication, particularly between the board and investors, and the importance of balancing the marketing funnel to achieve success.

    Brandon also shares his thoughts on the future of Facebook and Google in marketing, and the strategies Ziglu has implemented to build a strong brand. He also reveals his personal efforts to develop as a marketer and the “kite strings” strategy he uses to foster a culture of truth and collaboration among his team. 

    Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from a marketing veteran and gain valuable insights that will help you achieve your best. Tune in now!


    Episode 34 – Empowering Underprivileged Students in Marketing and How It Benefits Your Business: Ritchie Mehta’s Vision

    In this episode, Paul sits down with Ritchie Mehta, CEO of the School of Marketing, an organization dedicated to revolutionizing marketing education and empowering individuals worldwide.  Ritchie is a true trailblazer in the industry, leading the charge to revolutionize marketing education and empower individuals worldwide.

    As a passionate advocate for diversifying the marketing industry and providing opportunities for disadvantaged youth, Ritchie shares his own personal story of feeling like an outsider in his early career. He candidly discusses the challenges faced by underprivileged students and minorities in the marketing field, including discriminatory recruitment processes and toxic company cultures, and offers actionable advice for individuals and businesses to create a more inclusive and equitable industry. 

    He also delves into the importance of retraining and upskilling in today’s job market, and shares how businesses can take advantage of resources such as the apprenticeship levy to not only support young people but also help their own growth.

    This is episode is hard hitting, don’t miss this chance to hear from one of the most influential voices in the marketing industry and gain actionable advice to take your career and business to the next level.

     Tune in for a thought-provoking and enlightening conversation on how to build a more inclusive and equitable workforce. You won’t regret it…


    Episode 33 – Putting Excellence and Innovation at the Heart of Marketing. Lex Bradshaw-Zanger, L’Oreal

    Are you ready to take your marketing game to the next level? In this episode, Paul sits down with Lex Bradshaw-Zanger, CDMO of L’Oreal, one of the world’s leading beauty companies. 

    Lex shares valuable insights on how L’Oreal has transformed and adapted to stay competitive in today’s digital landscape. He delves into how matrix structures have enabled digital to be embedded across the company without creating silos, and how L’Oreal fosters a culture of innovation and experimentation.

    But that’s not all, Lex also shares his thoughts on the future of digital, including web3 and the Metaverse, and how companies can make an impact in the non-profit world. He shares one of his own initiatives that brings together CMOs to address children’s well-being.

    Marketers, don’t miss this chance to hear from a marketing leader at one of the world’s most successful companies, and gain actionable advice on how to stay competitive and make an impact in today’s digital landscape.


    Episode 32 – Creating a Proven ROI: Strategy for Building a Growth Engine Linked to the Bottom Line. Tushar Kaul, Bella & Duke

    In this episode, Paul sits down with Tushar Kaul, CMO of Bella & Duke, a leading UK pet food subscription company. Tushar brings a wealth of experience, having begun his career in the Scottish government and running the e-commerce team at Campbells Prime Meat before joining Bella & Duke as CMO.

    One of Tushar’s key strengths is his ability to control the narrative of marketing within a company. He shares valuable insights on how to educate colleagues in the C-suite and build trust and commitment to marketing as an investment. Tushar also candidly discusses the common challenge of proving ROI and offers practical tips on how to build a system to win trust in marketing.

    But that’s not all, Tushar also shares his personal insights on how to build a better relationship with the board and other marketers. He offers actionable advice on how to bridge the gap between marketing and other departments, and how to ensure that marketing is seen as a key driver of business growth.

    Marketers, don’t miss this chance to hear from a marketing leader at a successful company and gain valuable insights on how to take your marketing strategy to the next level. 

    Tushar’s wealth of experience and practical tips will surely inspire and guide you to reach your marketing goals!


    Episode 31 – Preventing Marketing From Being Relegated to Marcomms: Insights from Industry Legend Rory Sutherland

    Time For a Reset is back!

    In this episode, Paul sits down with Rory Sutherland, a true industry legend with 35 years of experience at Ogilvy, and one of the early pioneers of behavioral science in marketing. Rory is also the author of “Alchemy: The Magic of Original Thinking” and a regular speaker at Ted Global and marketing conferences.

    In this jam-packed episode, Rory and Paul cover a wide range of topics, from the role of marketing at the board table, to the behavioral science of transport, and Rory’s unique perspective on the metaverse. Rory reminds us that marketing is a vast discipline that is often overlooked and undervalued in business. He shares his insights on why the obsessive focus on shareholder interest can be counter-productive in driving growth, and encourages leaders to broaden their perception of where marketing and innovation play a role.

    Rory also candidly discusses how corporate culture can stifle innovation and the origins of corporate conventional norms, and offers practical advice on how to navigate around them. He also talks about his new venture, the MAD//Masters course, designed to help marketers upskill and adapt in this ever-changing marketing landscape.

    Marketers, don’t miss this opportunity to hear from a marketing legend and gain valuable insights on how to reset your marketing mindset and stay ahead of the curve in this rapidly changing industry. 


    Episode 30 – Mastering Marketing In A Digital Business: Why It’s About Brand Not Transformation. Matt Bushby, JustEat

     In this episode, Paul sits down with Matt Bushby, Marketing Director at JustEat, a company that has mastered the art of digital marketing. Matt brings a wealth of experience and a unique perspective on digital transformation and how it applies to businesses like JustEat.

    One of Matt’s key strengths is his understanding of how digital businesses can take the road of attribution and not invest in their brand. He shares valuable insights on how to set the right KPIs when brand awareness activity is running and how to measure the impact of these tactics. Matt also explains how JustEat is much more than a digital business doing performance marketing, but a mature brand that recognizes the value of investing in the long term and how that drives new customers, repeat customers, and Customer Lifetime Value.

    Matt also delves into the importance of incrementality and how a brand will never reach a perfect measurement model. He shares his experience on how there’s never a right answer from econometrics, digital attribution, or running an incrementality study, but the key is to understand these practices and piece everything together. It’s a balance of science and art.

    Marketers, don’t miss this chance to hear from a marketing leader at a successful digital company and gain valuable insights on how to take your digital marketing strategy to the next level. 


    Episode 29 – A Year on From the ISBA Programmatic Report

    A year on from TFAR Episode 5 about the ISBA Programmatic Report we decided to regroup and discuss what has changed in the programmatic landscape, since this ground breaking report. Paul chairs a panel of industry experts including  Steve Chester Director of Media at  ISBA , Oliver Whitten Chief Operating Officer at AdForm, Allison Thorburn Digital Accelerator lead from BT. They highlight how auditing has improved, what’s new in terms of supply chain optimisation, the evolution in to new channels and of course the identity dilemma.  This fascinating discussion hones in on how the industry needs to grow up to align with advertiser expectation and how the industry can avoid a scenario where consumer tracking is even more invasive than with 3rd party cookies. Last but not least, Paul asks his guests to share one key area that brands can focus on to prepare for a bright but more complex and fragmented future. It’s an insight packed episode!


    Episode 28 – Breaking Marketing, Building Success: Insights from EveSleep’s CMO and CEO Cheryl Calverley

    In this episode, Paul sits down with Cheryl Calverley, the CEO and CMO of EveSleep, a company that has mastered the art of business transformation. With over 15 years of experience in marketing roles at companies like Unilever and AA, Cheryl brings a wealth of knowledge and a unique perspective on business transformation and leadership.

    Cheryl understands the complexities of business and how no business is entirely driven by one factor, but instead, it is a complex ecosystem. She shares her valuable insights on how to look at the whole mix of the market and consumer and how they interact, and how to navigate through competition and come out stronger. She also candidly discusses how EveSleep came to a crossroads with increased competition and how it led to a pause on marketing spend and a questioning of everything from product to price and customer experience.

    Cheryl also delves into the importance of data and how it is a huge differentiator in identifying where to be more effective, not just efficient. Looking forward, Cheryl explains how experiential ecommerce and content marketing will increasingly come into play as EveSleep looks to broaden into a wellness brand.

    Cheryl’s wealth of experience and practical tips will surely inspire and guide you to reach your business goals. Tune in now and take the first step towards mastering the art of business transformation!


    Episode 27 – Marketing Beyond the Busy Work: Insights from Jada Balster, Head of International Marketing at Workfront

    Are you tired of being bogged down by “busy work” and feeling unappreciated as a marketer? In this episode, Paul chats with Jada Balster, Head of International Marketing for Workfront, an Adobe company. 

    Jada shares her insights on how to break free from the daily grind and focus on what truly matters in marketing. With the shocking statistic that marketers only get to spend 19% of their time on real marketing, Jada has implemented strategies to hot house strategic goals and set her team stretch “visible” projects to engage them.

    Jada also shares her perspective on how the COVID-19 pandemic has led to a renewed focus on digital upskilling and development for marketers. She explains how her team at Adobe felt empowered to break free of tried and tested strategies and lean more heavily into digital experimentation. Jada also highlights the importance of marketing teams putting as much effort into retention and adoption as they do acquisition.

    Don’t miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights and strategies on how to break free from the daily grind and focus on what truly matters in marketing. Tune in now!


    Episode 26 – Pension Bee’s CMO Jasper Martins’ Recipe for Success: Adopting a Performance Mindset for All Marketing

    Are you tired of hearing about the obsession with quick, short-term results in marketing? In this episode, Paul sits down with Jasper Martins, CMO of Pension Bee, a company that recently announced its IPO with an estimated valuation of £350m. Jasper brings a refreshing perspective on how to gain buy-in for investing in brand as well as performance marketing and shares some of his secret sauce for success.

    Jasper started his career as a digital marketer and now spends 2/3rds of his budget on brand for what is still an early stage company. He shares insights on how he only hires marketers that know HTML and how he applies a performance mindset to all media channels including TV and OOH. He also talks about building brand personality and the value that investing in brand delivers in terms of net new customers and the lifetime value of those customers.

    In this episode, you’ll gain valuable insights and strategies on how to break free from the short-term obsession and focus on building a strong brand for long-term success!


    Episode 25 – The CMO’s Dilemma: Leading Not Just Doing Marketing with Thomas Barta

    In this episode, Paul Frampton sits down with marketing leadership expert, Thomas Barta. With a background as a Marketing Director at Kimberley Clark and global leadership program at McKinsey, Thomas has seen firsthand the lack of leadership focus in the marketing industry and is dedicated to elevating the role of marketing. 

    In this candid conversation, Thomas shares his no-nonsense approach to building a successful brand and pricing strategy, and why too many marketers ignore established frameworks. He also shares valuable insights on how to navigate budget cuts as a CMO and how to increase your influence and contribution within your organization. 

    Thomas also highlights the importance of working closely with finance to drive growth. This episode is a must-listen for anyone in a marketing role looking to improve their leadership skills and make a greater impact in their organization.


    Episode 24 – Why the CMO Must Be Best Mates With the CFO: Achieving Success with Alison Sagar

    In this episode, Paul talks with Alison Sagar, a seasoned marketing leader with a wealth of experience at companies such as PayPal, American Express, and Snappy Gifts. Alison shares her expertise on how to build a strong relationship with the C-suite, specifically the CFO, and how transparency, NPS, and smart use of working capital can help gain trust and drive growth. 

    She also delves into the challenges that early-stage businesses face in terms of balancing product and marketing priorities, and how embracing data and digital can elevate the role of marketing in the boardroom. As the owner of the value proposition, Alison emphasizes the importance of marketers leading the charge and driving the business forward.

    Tune in for actionable insights and valuable strategies to improve your marketing leadership skills.


    Episode 23 – Can Marketing Save the Planet? with Marketing Society’s CEO Sophie Devonshire

    In this episode, Paul sits down with Sophie Devonshire, CEO of the Marketing Society. Sophie has a wealth of experience in the marketing industry and shares her insights on the importance of reestablishing marketing as a “noble profession” and how it is critical to business success. 

    She delves into the need for marketers to not only focus on “doing well” but also “doing good” by aligning creativity with commerciality and straddling all functions within a business. Paul and Sophie discuss the challenges that marketers face in keeping up with the fast-paced changes in consumer behavior and the importance of upskilling to perfect the art of leadership and orchestration. 

    Tune in for a thought-provoking and enlightening conversation on how to build a more sustainable and responsible marketing industry!


    Episode 22 – The Role of Brand and CX: Insights from Steph Douglas, Founder of Don’t Buy Her Flowers

    In this episode, Paul sits down with Steph Douglas, the founder of Don’t Buy Her Flowers, a thoughtful gifting company that challenges traditional gift-giving norms. Steph shares her journey of starting the company, from being puzzled by the traditional 8 flower bouquet on the birth of her first child to curating a brand and customer experience that truly meets the needs of her customers. 

    Listen in as Steph delves into the nitty-gritty of building a business, from hiring the right team to scaling the company without taking on outside investment. Her insights on staying authentic, consulting with customers, and staying human in business are not to be missed. 

    This episode is a must-listen for any marketer looking to build a brand with genuine customer connections!


    Episode 21 – Why Brands Are Increasingly Questioning Walled Gardens: Insights from Adform COO, Oli Whitten

    In this episode, Paul sits down with Oli Whitten, the COO of Adform, a leading independent ad tech and marketing platform trusted by global brands worldwide. 

    Oli shares his expert insights on the growing trend of brands pushing for more transparency and independent measurement from the walled gardens. He also shares his predictions on how digital identity will evolve post-3rd party cookie and how brands are embracing new service models to stay ahead of the game. But that’s not all, Oli also delves into the exciting advancements in technology that are revolutionizing the way brands buy and measure supply in channels such as TV and OOH, and how the walled gardens are losing their grip on these areas. 

    This is an episode that every marketer should tune in to, as Oli shares valuable insights and predictions that will shape the future of the industry!


    Episode 20 – Marketing Taking More of a Leadership Role

    In this last episode before the festive break, the focus of the conversation is very much on the critical leadership role that CMO’s play. Paul talks to Iris Meijer the Global CMO for Vodafone Business who tells us that only 5% of marketers have confidence they can affect their company strategy. Iris has made it her personal mission to bang the drum for marketing as a leadership function and to build confidence amongst her peers in the marketing community. Iris shares why commercial acumen and leveraging customer’s behavioural data are critical to this success She also shares how during 2020, she has partnered with her C-level HR partners to tell stories of how Vodafone has adapted in a remote working world to advise their global customer base.


    Episode 19 – Why Brands Must Behave Like Influencers and Behind the Scenes in the World’s First TikTok House

    In this episode with a difference, Paul talks to Timothy Armoo, founder and CEO of Gen Z agency Fanbyte, winner of Entrepreneur of the Year and one of the Evening Standard’s ‘Most Influential People’. Tim was also behind the world’s first Tik Tok House which he launched during lockdown. Tim gives it straight about where brands are missing the point when it comes to working with influencers and platforms like TikTok. He gives great insight in to the selective brands that are getting it right and the bigger commercial opportunity when thinking long-term. Tim also reveals the secret behind why Tik Tok is growing so fast, why its competition is not Instagram and why brands must think like influencers themselves to ride this wave.


    Episode 18 – Meet The Business Lead CMO – Strategic, Commercial, Tech-Literate and the Connector at the C Suite

     In this episode I talk to Wendy McEwan  who is brilliantly qualified to talk about the future of marketing and where tech and data fit in. Wendy has had a diverse career including brand side, publisher side, ad tech and SaaA and now runs marketing in APAC for Knight Frank and sits on the Marketing Society board. In her “Reset”, Wendy calls out how the #wfh trend brought abt by covid is putting more jobs under threat from automation. She shares her views on the two different types of CMO – the legacy “Brand CMO” versus the “Business Lead CMO” who sits at the top table and connects customer experience, sales and marketing to drive growth. Wendy also warns publishers to be wary as brands no longer have the same reliance on them to access audiences and calls for marketers to more pro-actively up-skill themselves.

    An episode packed with unique insight and candour that you won’t want to miss!


    Episode 17 – Striking the Right Balance Between the “What” and the “How”

    In this episode Paul chats to Chris Carter, Marketing & E-Commerce Director of Specsavers where he tells us about “ditching the marketing plan around mid-March” and how this “liberated and empowered” the marketing team. Chris shares how he and the team, during the early weeks of Covid19, established new principles such as focusing on just one goal each week. Chris tells us about the increased importance of hyper-local & data driven strategies to support their 900 high street stores. He shares some great insights on how Specsavers segments and targets its media plus reminds marketers to focus on marginal gains and the behaviours that drive success.


    Episode 16 – “Marketing – At the Nexus of Technology, The Consumer and Communication”

    In this episode, Paul chats with Ben Rhodes, ex Group Marketing Director for Royal Mail and Marketing Week columnist. Ben chooses to hit reset on the industry chatter of “a next normal.” He argues that we are instead entering a technology environment similar to that of the 1920’s (when the National Grid was set up) so the commercial opportunities are vast and wide-ranging. Ben talks about the fact that CMO tenures are so short that too often this leads to short termism and tactics, not strategy. He also articulates that, aside from the CEO, it is often only the marketer at the board table that looks outwards and is able to operate at the nexus of technology, customer and communication. Ben also calls out the importance of long term strategic brand investment and the value of pricing strategy, in an interview packed with insight. A Must Listen.


    Episode 15 – The Modern Marketer: Collaborative, Analytical and Confident in Right-Housing Capabilities

    In this episode, Paul talks to Tony Miller, Marketing Director of WW ( formerly Weightwatchers). Tony has spent half of his career agency side (in digital, data and tech) and half brand side at Walt Disney and now WW. As such, Tony brings a balanced view on the role of data and digital and how to partner effectively, both internally and with agencies. Tony shares his approach to collaboration and how he uses data to build bridges between different departments. Tony also talks about how important it is for a marketer to understand the ins and outs of media, brand safety, the supply chain and the creative process as well as being the voice of the customer. He also gives an insightful, very balanced view on what capabilities to build in-house versus in-source and what he believes agencies need to do better to deliver agility and flexibility.


    Episode 14 – Building a Test and Learn, Data Driven Culture

    In this episode Paul talks to Mark Nicholson, Head of Online for O2. Mark and Paul discuss how the remit of the digital lead in a large organisation has changed and how and where marketing and digital intersect. Mark stresses the importance of frictionless digital experience to drive customer retention and satisfaction, a pertinent reminder in a post pandemic world. Mark also talks about the framework he and his team use for evaluating and deploying new martech and the need for constant test and refine. Listen in to hear the commitment Mark makes to further delivering against customer service excellence and his advice for others.


    Episode 13 – How COVID-19 Has Transformed Marketing in Asia

    In this latest episode Paul talks to serial marketing entrepreneur and Hong Kong based David Ketchum who has spent almost 30 years falling in love with Asia. David and I discuss how the region where COVID-19 started, has been affected and the transformation it has brought about in marketing circles. David shares his unique insight in to how the countries of North and South East Asia differ, both culturally and from a maturity perspective. He tells me how marketing is in the ascendancy at the board table and reveals what he sees as game changing trends for the region. 


    Episode 12 – The Changing Role of Design in Marketing

    In this episode, Paul talks to Andrew Barraclough of GSK about the need to re-set and re-frame the role of design within marketing. Andrew re-defines design as the glue that stitches together brand experience, digital, shopper and beyond, stewarding the overall experience. Andrew also shares his view that design need to be no longer be “the brand police” but more creators of flexibility within a framework, allowing “play” and adaptation from consumers. 


    Episode 11 – Marketing the Value of Marketing

    In this episode, Paul talks to well-known marketer Pete Markey who is currently CMO at TSB Bank and ISBA Vice President. Pete shares why marketing is a lot more than communications – why it should set the agenda for customer experience, the brand and the true embodiment of a company’s purpose. Pete talks eloquently about how marketers need to lead the education and transformation around digital and marketing at board level plus master modern tools for measuring marketing effectiveness. In Pete’s view, the best marketers are those that are deeply curious about the “whole” business, have the best cross discipline relationships and are masters at stitching things together and “marketing the value of marketing.”


    Episode 10 – The Case for Marketing as a (Social) Science

    In this 10th episode, Paul is joined by the incisive and straight talking Jay Friedman, President of Goodway Group (CvE’s parent company) – also Paul’s boss!). Jay intelligently dissects the previous 10 episodes and calls out THREE controversial statements he fundamentally disagrees with.

    Jay goes on to make the case for treating marketing as a science and the importance of social psychology and behavioural economics in marketing.

    At the heart of Jay’s vision is the belief that the industry should demand more formal qualifications in the study of behaviour, economics and business. 

    Jay explains that if marketing is to get to the top of the board table agenda, the discipline must be managed like a true investment and marketers at all levels must become experts in proving lift in business growth metrics. 

    You won’t want to miss this episode which covers so much ground in just half an hour!


    Episode 9 – Why the C-Level Must Be More Social

    In this episode, Paul hosts a special extended discussion around the role of social leadership namely being active as a leader on social channels such as Linkedin, Twitter and beyond.

    CEO’s who are active on social media have been proven to have stronger customer engagement and prospective talent are more attracted to businesses with socially active leaders. Why then do so few CEO’s, and CMO’s for that matter have an active and consistent social presence ?

    In this panel discussion, Paul is joined by Damian Corbet, Author of The Social CEO, Michelle Carvill, Social Media Consultant & Author and Chris Bartley, Head of Innovation for a social platform for doctors. The panel discuss how the COVID-19 crisis and subsequent recessionary climate has made it even more critical for leaders to show up well in social to connect with their own staff, customers and society. 

    Listen in to hear who the panelists think is getting it right, who is failing and which brave CEO’s are activists for broader change for both people and the planet.


    Episode 8 – The Inside Track on DTC Marketing

    In this episode, Paul talks to Jake Newbould, Head of Digital Marketing for Piglet in Bed, a fast growing direct-to-consumer home bedding and furnishing brand in the UK and US.

    Hot on the heels of the CvE hosted DTC webinar on which Jake was a panellist, he unveils the secrets of how DTC brands stay close to customer feedback, apply an analytics mindset to everything and master performance marketing. We discuss the exponential growth DTC brands are seeing during COVID19 and Piglet’s attitude towards Amazon.

    Jake calls out attribution as his biggest bugbear in marketing and shares his own commitment to how he plans to give marketing a better name in his business and beyond.


    Episode 7 – Re-imagining Creative for a “Digital 1st” World

    In this episode, Paul takes a look at the disruption impacting the creative landscape. Paul talks to Gerard Keeley, co-founder of Vidsy, a creative technology startup and creator community built for brands, not agencies. Gerard’s reset is on the mindset around creating for digital and helping marketers develop more strategic and agile frameworks for creating content for platforms like TikTok, You Tube and FB/Instagram.
    In this conversation, Paul and Gerard talk about what is broken with the creative process for digital, whether traditional creative agencies have a future and how technology can deliver better, cheaper and faster creative output. Gerard also talks about a near-term future where brands will in-house creative strategy and production and how technology can overcome the deep-rooted diversity issues within the creative community.


    Episode 6 – Authenticity in Marketing & Why Marketers Are Overlooked

    In this episode, Paul talks to Kate Owen, Director of Industry and Key Account Marketing at Capita. Kate has held senior, global marketing roles for 20 years for companies including Thomson Reuters and the NHS. 

    Kate calls out the need for marketing to be more authentic and personalised and how many B2B organisations still fail to leverage marketing technology, automation and account based management to connect with customers. Kate is very authentic herself and shares her thoughts on how brands should be more human and helpful during COVID-19. 

    Kate also talks lucidly about why marketers are often “over-looked” for the more strategic, commercial discussions around the board table. Kate then makes her own personal commitment on what she pledges to do differently herself. Tune in to find out what!


    Episode 5 – Unpacking ISBA Programmatic Report

    Hot on the heels of ISBA and PWC releasing their groundbreaking study on the programmatic supply chain, reported in the FT, Marketing Week and trade press, I talk to the two guys that led the study to dig deeper in to their findings and the implications. 

    Steve Chester, Director of Media and Sam Tomlinson, Partner of PWC tell me why it took 15 months to get the necessary access to data, why only 12% of impressions could be matched and unpack the headline stats around 1/3 of costs being unattributed. 

    We discuss the value of programmatic, the need for education, implications for marketers, potential solutions and the rally cry for the whole industry to collaborate.


    Episode 4 – How COVID-19 Is Changing Tech

    In this episode, Paul talks to Jazz Hanley, startup founder and Partnerships and Propositions Lead for Tech Nation, the govt backed growth platform for tech companies and leaders. Tech Nation’s recent 2020 report revealed that UK tech investment in 2019 grew 44% to £10bn, but how has #COVID19 changed this trajectory?

    Jazz and I discuss how the crisis will impact entrepreneurs, startups, funding and debate which tech sectors will grow. Jazz also talks about how the entire system of work has been dislocated and that now is the time for reset – the time for innovation and new businesses to be born, not for shutting up shop. 


    Episode 3 – Integrating Sales & Marketing

    In this episode, Paul talks to Leeya Hendricks, Global VP of Marketing of Kurtosys, a fast-growing fintech SAAS business. Leeya is a highly commercial, chartered marketer and Women in Tech leader. Her remit spans both sales and marketing so she brings unique insight in to how to connect marketing and technology to drive business growth. 

    This episode was recorded via Zoom at the height of COVID-19 so Leeya shares how critical marketing has become at a time when traditional selling is constrained. As a modern marketer, Leeya also shares her surprise at how few marketers understand and leverage the power of martech.


    Episode 2 – Marketing in the Boardroom

    On this week’s episode, we have Stephen Taylor. Stephen is a seasoned marketer who has held senior marketing roles at P&G, Samsung, Findus and Paypal. He has recently taken on the new role as Global CMO for HMD, the home of Nokia Phones. In his career, he has managed marketing both for EMEA and globally so has deep experience of representing marketing at the C level in some of the biggest organisations in the world. 

    Stephen and Paul discuss the role of marketing in the boardroom, how marketing has been marginalised in recent years and how Stephen has personally worked to re-establish the critical role marketing plays. Stephen shares how he is “beautifully humble by being convinced that 50% of what he and his team are doing is wrong” at all times and why he believes the CMO should be leading the digitisation agenda at the board table.


    Episode 1 – The CMO as Orchestrator

    The first podcast will see Control Vs Exposed (CvE) European president Paul Frampton interrogate Ice Lolly’s chief marketing officer Simon Lloyd on what he wants to hit reset on in marketing.

    Simon talks about the importance of the CMO as the orchestrator and lead collaborator across the board table. He talks about why collaboration with the CIO is critical to marketing’s future success.