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Consumer behaviour is changing fast and marketing must too. Marketing has more of an opportunity than ever to lead the board agenda. The Time for a Reset Podcast talks to inspirational marketing leaders to understand how they are driving change in their own companies. 


TFAR Inside Marketing Transformation – Ep 1 – Virgin Wines with Nathan Wadlow

In this new podcast series branching from Time For a Reset, Athar Naser interviews industry-leading marketing professionals who are shaping their company’s future and at the forefront of change. Listen to how these trailblazers approach change, their own personal resets and the new ways of thinking and building processes that create measurable impact.

In our first episode of Inside Marketing Transformation, Athar Naser is joined by Nathan Wadlow, Head of Digital at Virgin Wines.

“Life’s too short for boring wine!” Virgin Wines is one of the UK’s largest DTC wine retailer, with the aim of changing the way people buy wine in the UK, making it easy and accessible. They boast a portfolio of over 1,000 products and 180,000 active customers. 

Nathan shares the impact of COVID-19 on Virgin Wines and the challenges they face even as an e-commerce business. We learn about what a successful team structure can look like, navigating through a rapidly changing macro-environment and other elements that helps accelerate transformation. As a bonus – Nathan shares some wine recommendations!

These are just some of many insights in this episode —listen now! 


TFAR – Episode 39 – The Inside Track on Why Canton Joined CvE

In this weeks episode of Time For A Reset, we have special guests Rob Webster and Nick King! 

Rob has been in digital marketing since 2001 as a career innovator, developing tech solutions and running digital campaigns for global brands. He has held leadership positions at both agency and ad-tech companies including MediaCom, Yahoo, Tacoda and Crimtan. Nick has over 20 years of experience within the media and marketing industry where he previously has held a variety of leadership roles within both publishers and ad-tech companies including Yahoo, News UK, and Future. In 2018, they founded Canton Marketing Solutions, a consultancy aimed at helping brands take control of their digital marketing activity. Today, they sit on CvE’s leadership team after being acquired by Goodway Group – (CvE’s parent company).

Nick and Rob speak to Paul about what they want to reset in marketing and reveal the reasons behind joining the CvE and Goodway family. The trio delve into some of the most pressing difficulties that CMOs confront, as well as how businesses can best leverage their partners. Nick and Rob discuss the issues surrounding in-housing and how to make the best decisions for your business. Today, there is a growing talent shortage; both Nick and Rob provide a unique perspective on how we as an industry can address this issue and train the future generation of marketers. Naturally, the conversation then turns to our present macroeconomic trends, and the trio emphasises how economic difficulties and the recession may really be beneficial to businesses.

Stay tuned till the end where Rob and Nick share what knowledge and skills they’re currently working on. They leave us with a great message for all marketers to takeaway. 


TFAR – Episode 38 – The Muscles and Skills That a CMO Must Master

In this episode, Paul is joined by Ellie Norman, an inspirational C-Suite Exec and former CMO of Formula 1. Ellie chooses to hit reset on the rise of short-term marketing strategies. She emphasises the significance of striking a balance between short-term and long-term strategies in order to grow brands while still producing sales. 

Ellie provides a fresh viewpoint via an economic lens, highlighting the natural ups and downs of economic cycles. She also addresses how the pandemic has transformed everything we thought we knew about market patterns. Take Netflix for example. Who would have thought a subscription streaming service would offer gaming elements on its platform? Ellie delves into this topic and provides marketing-related insights. 

Ellie also shares her learnings throughout her career in marketing. She highlights the importance of relationships, empowerment, and the value creation zone. Listen to the end to hear Ellie’s insightful advice on how to build credibility as a marketer. 


TFAR – Episode 37 – Female Leadership and Breaking Through Patriarchal Culture

In this episode, Paul talks to Christine Fellows, Managing Director of NBC in the APAC region. 

While institutionalised patriarchal culture is evident globally, there is still hope. Christine shares her thoughts on the power of Gen Z. Perhaps the future of diversity lies in the hands of the younger generation. This discussion with Christine has left Paul challenged into thinking what he can do to do more. 

They discuss the topic of equal opportunity and female leadership in the workplace. The world is experiencing backward progression in societal equality as a result of major macro-economic impacts especially during the pandemic. Christine’s curiosity in the topic led to her research project with Nineby9 where they surveyed women in the work force to understand their expectations in gender pay. 

Listeners will be shocked by the percentage of women who felt that they have equality in regions where, statistically, there is a massive gender pay gap. In understanding these results, Christine  highlights cultural differences between the Global North and Global South. She also acknowledges that managerial positions are predominantly held by men while highlighting how they can be the drivers of change. Christine then offers her view on how we can ensure that men will tackle these issues and the importance of diversity in the workplace. 

Christine resides in Singapore and has spent most of her career in the Entertainment Industry, working at companies such as NBC, Comcast, and Turner. Christine has had many roles in tech businesses and currently sits on the board of an AI business. She is extremely passionate about gender equality and female empowerment and has started her own company, Nine by Nine, to address these issues across Asia. 


TFAR – Episode 36 – Why Radical Candor Is a Secret Weapon for CMO’s

In this episode, Paul talks to Mark Evans, Managing Director, Marketing & Digital at Direct Line Group. He started his career at Mars and has led senior marketing departments at HSBC and 118-118. Mark is also a board member of The Marketing Society.

Mark and Paul discuss imposter syndrome and the philosophy of ‘radical candor’. He highlights the significance of getting the right balance in culture to allow people to talk and give feedback freely. Alluding to agency client relationships, Mark shares stories about client relationships and creating the best dynamic in order to consistently challenge him for a greater outcome. Marketers listening will hear first hand about the value of feedback and how to deliver in a positive, constructive way.

He shares many stories and experiences from Agile working, “methodology is secondary to the mindset”. There is little correlation between readiness of the technology versus the readiness of people when it comes to those practices.  

In discussion around data driven marketing, Mark says there is too much emphasis on the technology rather than the customer outcomes. Mark highlights ways in which companies can work together with marketing to make the right investment decisions. He also shares his thoughts on role of marketing ascending to board level in 2022 and onwards. 

We also learn more about Mark and his story and defining moments – from the point of graduation, his experiences from 10 years at Mars all the way to becoming a leader and helping people achieve their best.


TFAR – Episode 35 – A Rally Cry for Radical Truth and Transparency in Marketing

In today’s episode, Paul is joined by Brandon Keenen, CMO of Ziglu, a new challenger crypto bank recently acquired by Robinhood. Brandon has a diversified background, having previously served as CMO of Antstream as well as working on the publisher side with networks such as CNN, Buzzfeed, and AOL.

Brandon begins the discussion by emphasising the complexities of marketing, frequently creating over complicated answers to poorly defined problems resulting in snake oil selling and a lack of transparency that is prevalent throughout the industry. He describes the challenges of discussing attribution at the board level in a culture where the “myth of digital marketing” persists – the notion that digital can always be measured for everything. He emphasises the necessity of trust and communication, particularly between the board and investors – hockey stick growth is never easy.

The quality of the consumer is the most critical factor in reaching and replicating the appropriate consumer. Brandon also discusses his thoughts on Facebook and Google, and what marketers should be cautious about. He talks through his insights on how to balance the marketing funnel and what Ziglu has done well in terms of branding and positioning. He reminds marketers and businesses that building a brand takes time. Brandon shares what he is like as a leader and the ‘kite strings’ strategy as he fosters a culture of truth and collaboration among his team. Finally, Brandon discusses his personal efforts to develop as a marketer.


TFAR – Episode 34 – Creating our Marketers of the Future

In this episode, Paul is joined by Ritchie Mehta, CEO at the School of Marketing – an organisation that is changing the way marketing education is delivered to help up-skill and re-train individuals globally. He is a passionate advocate for helping young people from diverse and disadvantaged backgrounds get into the world of marketing. 

Ritchie shares his own personal story of how in his early career he felt locked out and an imposter because he did not look the same or come from the same background as many of the people around him. 

Ritchie candidly discusses his personal university experiences as well as the realities of his journey into entrepreneurship. Ritchie highlights the challenges that underprivileged students and anyone from disadvantaged backgrounds face when attempting to enter the marketing field, including unfair recruitment processes and poor company cultures, and he offers advice on what we can do individually and as businesses to help alleviate those challenges. 

Ritchie also puts a stark spotlight on the fact that 90 percent of us will need retraining by 2030 (Source:CBI), and yet few businesses are taking advantage of the opportunities available. Are you leveraging the apprenticeship levy? Not only does it help young people, but also helps businesses up-skill and grow. 

This is episode is hard hitting and will prompt you to re-consider whether you are doing all you can to build an inclusive workforce and consistently up-skill your talent. You won’t regret tuning in…


TFAR – Episode 33 – Putting Excellence and Innovation at the Heart Of Marketing

In this episode, Paul is joined by CDMO of L’Oreal, Lex Bradshaw-Zanger.

“Marketing hasn’t changed, but marketers have to change.” with so much noise around digital, marketers face difficulty around understanding what digital means in our current ecosystem. Lex discusses what transformation means to L’Oreal, and how matrix structures enabled digital to be embedded across the board without creating silos.

Being a more traditional company, how did L’Oreal gain so much success in the last few years? As businesses become increasingly more remote, companies face difficulties in embracing failure, how can leaders create learning cultures that foster innovation? Lex highlights what L’Oreal does differently to stay competitive and agile as a large corporation.

Lex shares his opinions on the hot topics of web3, the Metaverse, and where he sees this going in the future. He also shares his passion for bridging the non-profit and commercial worlds. As a member of one of the Children’s Society’s board, the primary goal is to reverse the decline in children’s well-being. Lex encourages leaders to consider how they can make an impact, he shares one initiative that brings together CMOs to address these issues.

Lastly, Lex gives honest advice to his younger self and other motivated marketers. “There’s no miracle plan or innate skillset”, but he shares what he believes are the key ingredients for success.


TFAR – Episode 32 – Building a Growth Engine Linked to the Bottom Line

In this episode, Paul talks to Tushar Kaul, CMO of Bella & Duke, a leading UK pet food subscription company. Tushar began his career in the Scottish government, he ran the Campbells Prime Meat e-commerce team before joining the founders of Bella & Duke as CMO. 

Everyone has an opinion about marketing, but not everyone is so willing to self-reflect on what marketing doesn’t always get right. Tushar shares how he seeks to control the narrative by educating colleagues in the C-suite and the importance of honesty in order to build trust and commitment to marketing as an investment. 

Many marketers are confronted with the same dilemma and burden of proving ROI. Can we meticulously account for every single pound spent? No. Can we build a system to win trust in marketing? Yes. Tushar talks to use about how he has taken his finance team on a journey to see the causation and correlation of marketing on the bottom line. 

Tushar highlights the importance of customer data in determining where growth opportunities exist. It’s difficult to grow a business without having the CMO or MD at the table to provide this consumer insight, which is also key for digital born DTC company.

Lastly, Tushar shares what he is personally working on and how others can also build a better relationship with the board and equally with other marketers.


TFAR – Episode 31 – Preventing Marketing From Being Relegated to Marcomms

Time For a Reset is back! In this episode, Paul chats to Rory Sutherland.

Rory is an industry legend having been at Ogilvy for 35 years,  one of the early pioneers of behavioural science in marketing, author of Alchemy: ‘The Magic of Original Thinking”, and a regular Ted Global and marketing conference circuit speaker. 

In this bumper episode, Rory and Paul cover everything from the role of marketing at the board table through to the behavioural science of transport and Rory’s view of the metaverse.  Rory reminds us that marketing is a vast discipline that is in danger of being side-lined as the ‘colouring-in’ department within business. 

He shares a fascinating view of why the obsessive focus on shareholder interest is counterproductive to driving growth. Rory encourages leaders to broaden their perception of where marketing and innovation play a role and reminds us that marketing is everything that a finance director despises –probabilistic, experimental, and tough to quantify.  

Paul and Rory also discuss how corporate culture can stifle innovation, the origin of corporate conventional ‘norms’ and how to navigate around this. Lastly, Rory talks about his new venture, the MAD//Masters course brought to you by Rory and the makers of MadFest, designed to help marketers upskill and adapt in this ever-changing marketing landscape.

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