Why Work With Us?

We chatted to hundred of marketers and what we heard consistently was that you yearned for a more flexible service model that didn’t force you in to a corner. Therefore, we choose to operate in the way best for your business and focus on solving the most pressing digital challenges first rather than jumping to spending money on paid media. We blend the best of the consultancy, agency, and tech models in to one.

Brands are facing an increasingly complex market climate requiring constant innovation

are re-imagining their marketing model
say there is a skills shortage in tech and data analytics*
feel agencies have struggled to adapt to programmatic**

^MediaSense Media 2020 & Beyond report *WFA Programmatic Report

We are the next-gen service layer company at the nexus of technology, media and data


Media strategy & activation

  • Cross-Platform
  • Addressable Media
  • Audience Planning
  • Trading expertise


  • AdTech & MarTech expertise
  • Machine Learning
  • Data Science & Analytics
  • Attribution/Incrementality

Consulting Services

  • Auditing & Evaluation
  • Strategic Advisory
  • POC Validation

Business outcome, data first mentality

Media strategy & activation
Consulting services

What makes us different?

Fiercely Independant

Fiercely Independent, 100% owned and operated

Profitibility Affords

Parent Profitability Affords Significant Investments in R&D, Tech and Talent


Trailblazers of the Virtual Work Model since 2008

Custom Approach

Custom Approach to Building Programmatic Solutions & £300m+ put through pipes

Why Work With Us?

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CvE was formed to help brands accelerate marketing digitisation. Whether it be adopting agile ways of working, embedding specialist digital talent, adopting new technologies or gaining transparency over digital marketing spend, CvE offers a range of flexible models to align with where you are on your digital maturity curve.

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