Why Work With Us?

We fundamentally believe that marketing should sit at the top of the board agenda as a company’s primary route to growth – and we enable companies to achieve that. Companies that have confidence in marketing are more able to align with their customers and transform marketing into a primary engine for growth. In a business landscape that is changing at an ever-greater pace, marketing as a discipline has become much more business-critical and complex. We intimately understand the pain points of the modern marketer and have designed CvE to help solve their most complex challenges.

Marketers are saying there are tough times ahead​

Of marketers believe their operating models are not evolving fast enough to deliver the support they require.​
Of marketers invested in Data Analytics within the last 12 months to improve their digital marketing performance.​
Of marketers surveyed say they will add, remove, or replace technology components to improve marketing performance this year. ​

Sources: Forrester 2021, The CMO Survey 2022, Oracle 2022 (respectively)

CvE is your growth partner on your journey to incremental revenue

Strategy and Operating Model

  • Capability Assessments
  • Marketing In-housing Strategy and Flexible Operating Models
  • Talent Up-skilling & Transitioning

Technology and Data

  • Technology and Platform Solutions
  • Data and Identity Solutions
  • Automation and Integration

Measurement ​and Activation

  • Attribution and Marketing Effectiveness Modelling
  • Media Engineering and Dashboarding
  • Media and Marketing Optimization

Business outcome, data first mentality

Media strategy & activation
Consulting services

What makes us different?

Fiercely Independant

Fiercely Independent, 100% owned and operated.

Profitibility Affords

Parent Profitability Affords Significant Investments in R&D, Tech and Talent


Trailblazers of the Virtual Work Model since 2008

Custom Approach

Custom Approach to Building Programmatic Solutions & £300m+ put through pipes

Why Work With Us?

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We amplify your marketingteam’s capabilities to bemore effective, move faster,and drive higher growth foryour business.

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