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3 Things Marketers Should Consider for the Adoption of AI

Three Things Marketers Should Consider for the Adoption of AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming the world of marketing in many ways. It can help marketers automate tasks, optimize campaigns, generate insights, and create engaging content. However, to leverage the power of AI, marketers need to follow a systematic approach that involves three steps: identifying the use cases, finding the perfect AI to match for their goals, and testing, testing, and testing. In this paper, we will explain each of these steps in detail and provide some examples of how AI can benefit marketing.

101 Contracting MarTech For Procurement Teams

101: Contracting MarTech For Procurement Teams

MarTech services are different to traditional marketing services. This document covers key areas to consider when reviewing MarTech and establishing a commercial relationship with a MarTech supplier.

More specifically, this document presents:

An overview of the various types of MarTech contracts and commercial models.

The differences between various acronyms like SaaS / PaaS and others.

Remuneration norms (subscriptions, licenses, payment norms.

Any other key pieces someone engaging in MarTech commercial negotiations should be aware of would be useful.

Seed Audience Management Guide

Seed Audience Management Guide

Maximising seed audiences is a vital part of modern marketing at CvE, we refer to as the modern data economy. Ultimately, successful seed data development is dictated by the overall tech infrastructure and data strategies. In order to maximize seed audiences, companies need to have a strong technology infrastructure and data strategies in place.

Download CvE’s five-step framework for approaching and maximising data that fuels seed data development in 2023.

The Complete Guide to Growth Sophistication Model

The Complete Guide to CvE’s Growth Sophistication Model

The world is undergoing transformation at an unprecedented pace, characterised by rapid advancements in technology, innovative breakthroughs, and a growing trend towards globalisation. These shifts have been influencing lifestyles and ways of doing business.

Our Growth Sophistication Model aims to equip marketers with the necessary insights and resources to align their departments with the evolving market landscape.

Download The Growth Sophistication Model Guide to identify areas where your marketing department requires improvement and focus of efforts accordingly.


What Does In-Housing Mean Today?

Over the past few years, we have witnessed a true evolution of marketing teams. Marketing departments have been developing internal skills and retaining the control and core knowledge of the marketing operation within the business, rather than outsourcing work to an agency or third party.

Download this short guide to understand more about the different Media In-housing setups, their types of structures and how they differ.

CvE InHousing Playbook

The Complete Guide to In-Housing Playbook

In-housing marketing has been one of the biggest trends in marketing since 2018. The increased speed of execution, cost savings, and team satisfaction has dramatically improved results for early adopters. Yet there have been challenges too. Most importantly the way that in-housing implementation is considered has matured massively, as the strengths and weaknesses of
previous approaches have informed best practice.

Like anything else, in-housing can be done well or done poorly. Crucially advertisers need to consider which marketing function to take on first and have a roadmap to manage it both short and in the long term.

This guide will walk you through the latest findings on how best to in-house your marketing and deliver an operating model designed for success in this new era for marketing.

Digital Paid Media Playbook

Digital Paid Media Playbook 2022: Best Practice Elements To Manage Your Digital Paid Media

CvE have developed the Digital Paid Media Playbook 2022 alongside partners ISBA to help you manage your agencies across digital paid media.

At the time of writing (Summer 2022), a digital technology talent shortage is making its impact felt across the marketing and media industry. Now more than ever, brands need to develop and grow their own skill base to ensure best practice is recognised, nurtured and maintained throughout the client / agency relationship.

This playbook, aims to support you to develop the critical abilities to work more effectively with your agency whether full service, in-housing or a blended operating model. From definitions, briefing, activation, governance and measurement this Playbook is packed with insight, knowledge and actions lists to help you help your agency deliver its best digital media management services.

We hope that, in the least, the guide supports you in ensuring that foundational best practice is adhered to, as this is fundamental to getting the most out of your media, regardless of the structure.

Publisher CDP

The Publisher CDP

Experts from AutoScout24 and CvE provided their view on some key topics to ensure a future-proof revenue stream in the wake of the cookie. Download Publisher CDP


Attribution Playbook for Marketing Teams

Get the eBook written by Digital Marketing experts

A guide to Attribution for Marketers: what the various models are available, what’s changing about them, and how to best use them in the future.

Get the full document where we go through:

  • How Advertisers of different sizes will adapt and thrive
  • How Media Mix Modelling is being transformed
  • How MTA will work in a ID constrained world
  • How conversion tracking of multiple Walled Gardens will be a tracking bedrock
  • How to put together a modern measurement framework
  • And much much more…

CDP Playbook

Customer Identity and User Privacy are critical challenges to the digital advertising industry. 

The last couple of years have seen legislative changes, browser and device changes, and growth in data volumes, making it more difficult and expensive to achieve the same marketing success competitively and on budget. 

The Customer Data Platform is one of the major technologies being deployed to solve these challenges. If you’re thinking about buying a Customer Data Platform (CDP), then you know it’s a big decision to make. You’ve heard a CDP the only way to truly access and manage your data, but is that really true?

Can a CDP really solve your data issues and how will it work with the rest of your tech-stack? These are central questions to address. CvE is helping advertising brands and publishers to understand the impacts of a cookieless world, create a future, and roll out new solutions so they can meet these changes with confidence and grow out of the pandemic. 

Growth Marketing Report CvE

Why Every Brand Should Adopt a ‘Growth Marketing’ Mindset Report

Ever wondered about ‘Growth Marketing’?

New Digital Age and digital marketing consultancy CvE – Control v Exposed – recently held a roundtable discussion with senior marketers from a variety of mass-market and DTC brands. The discussion included Mondelez, Unilever and Weetabix as well as brands that operate with a DTC model such as Bella & Duke, Gymbox and NIVEA, which recently launched a DTC e-commerce platform.

NDA editor Justin Pearse chaired the discussion and was joined by CvE’s Paul Frampton, Global President, and Aidan Mark, Global Director, Performance Strategy. The discussion was focused on how these businesses are all adopting a growth marketing approach, with the brand representatives sharing their thoughts on this emerging discipline.

The Four Ts of A Successful In-Housing strategy

The Four T’s of A Successful In-Housing Journey

Understanding what is required for a successful in-housing strategy is crucial before embarking on your journey. When you decide to implement an effective in-housing model, there are four key areas to consider and that we address as: The four principles of ‘right-housing’: Transformation, Talent, Technology, and Tab.


Gartner Magic Quadrant – AdTech Commentary by CvE

ISBA and CvE have partnered with the Performance and Programmatic Group to support brands in understanding the DSP and SSP landscape. This report dissects the Gartner Magic Quadrant to help brands decide which tech players match your specific set of requirements in order to determine which tech partners are best suited. CvE have taken excerpts of the Gartner report and added the CvE perspective along with some aspects that weren’t included such as missing DSP’s and CDP brands.

Measurement Workshop

The Importance of Incrementality, and How to Measure It

Measurement dictates how brands activate media. Simply put, advertisers do more of the marketing that works according to the KPI’s that are set.

Digital and performance media has been sold on the promise that digital was a highly measurable media but that is not always the case. In the era of digital and performance marketing, global marketing effectiveness at an aggregate level has been declining since 2008.

In this workshop we will challenge much of the performance industry measurement best practice, giving you an honest and plain English take on what all these new metrics mean to you and your business.

CvE Prove your advertising works

Prove your Advertising Works

Be The Smartest One In The Boardroom! This eBook by Jay Friedman examines the challenges CMOs face in harnessing, communicating, and acting on digital marketing’s results. Designed to help all leaders across the C-suite better understand digital marketing’s role in the company’s financial success, this book offers a guide to discussing this confidently among leadership teams and prove that digital advertising is driving real business value.

Download the eBook now!

The Keys To Effective Local Marketing

The 10 Pillars of Local Marketing

How do brands ensure that their local advertising is effective and not just a waste of time, resources, and money? The past year has changed the way that all brands conduct their business and interact with customers. In this report, we explore the best approaches to local marketing and what brands can do to make sure they’re not falling short when attempting to form closer relationships with consumers who are increasingly demanding more personalized and localized experiences.

Learn by downloading our local marketing report!

CvE Advanced TV Landscape Guide

Are You Up-To-Date With The Advanced TV Landscape?

Transforming your TV strategy is a must to survive in today’s new normal, and advertisers that are only on linear TV are missing out. Advanced TV’s complex,  convoluted ecosystem has caused considerable confusion in the industry. The advanced TV landscape has overlapping terminology,  blurred boundaries, and numerous methods of distribution.

Unpack all you need to know in our guide now!

CvE - Going Cookieless Guide

In A Cookieless World, How Would Advertising Change?

Cookies were never intended to be the foundation of targeted advertising.  Learn where ad tech is headed and how brands can best prepare. Discover current and potential cookieless solutions all explained in this handy guide.

Learn how to thrive in a Cookieless World!

CvE The four T's of right housing Part 1 Transformation

Four Principles of Right House – Part 1 Transformation

Advertisers are increasingly looking to in-house some or all of their digital, data, and tech capabilities. There is a growing frustration amongst advertisers that the agency operating models of today need to adapt, hence a determination amongst many brands to re-imagine the model. 

CvE The four T's of right housing Part 2 Technology

Four Principles of Right House – Part 2 Technology

Future Operating Models

This is the second part of a four piece series that examines how to approach all the basic aspects of in-housing. Principle one is Transformation. Principle two is technology, and this article will explore how a brand that wants to own its technology contracts and data sets should go about building a function that can process up to 30 million new rows of data a day, and how it can analyse and utilise this data to drive business success. It will also delve into the topic of partnerships and what brands should seek in terms of technology partners in order to get the best set-up for both the short and long-term.

CvE The four T's of right housing Part 3 Talent

Four Principles of Right House – Part 3 Talent

Future Operating Models:

In-housing is a hot marketing topic, and one that has unsurprisingly gained traction as the coronavirus pandemic rumbles on. Suddenly, working life was turned on its head as organisations had to change established processes and practices on the fly in order to deliver something akin to ‘business as usual’.

CvE The four T's of right housing Part 4 Tab (costs) Four Principles of Right House

Four Principles of Right House – Part 4 Tab (costs)

Future Operating Models

Advertisers the world over are increasingly looking to in-house some or all of their digital, data and tech capabilities. Study after study shows that in the UK, Europe, and the States the trajectory for in-housing is upwards. There is a growing frustration amongst advertisers that the agency operating models of today need to adapt, hence a determination amongst many brands to re-imagine the model. To do this, we need to step away from the commoditisation that threatens to define our industry and acknowledge that there is no one-size-fits-all solution to in-housing. Download Now Four Principles of Right House

CvE Marketing Data Marketing Strategy Glossary

Data Strategy Glossary

What is a data strategy? It’s creating a strategic plan designed to capture, enhance, manage and activate data makes it possible for marketers to reach, connect, understand and study their audience at all touchpoints throughout the customer journey. Download the marketing data strategy glossary to learn all the need-to-know terminology. Warning: you might become a know-it-all after reading.

CvE Data Strategy Playbook

Data Strategy Playbook

Download The Data Strategy Playbook to learn the recipe for capturing, enhancing, managing, and activating data in your marketing strategy to produce delicious outcomes. We promise this playbook will come in candy.

CvE 10 Pillars of DTC Marketing

10 Pillars Of Success For DTC Brands

CvE commissioned a report alongside New Digital Age to explore the dynamics of how European-based DTC brands have developed their marketing strategies to deliver growth. In this exclusive report, we unveil the TEN Pillars of Success for DTC Brands and discuss how these learnings can be applied by both emerging DTC brands plus FMCG brands looking to pivot to a more direct model. The report features exclusive interviews with, Otty mattresses, Piglet in Bed, Don’t Buy Her Flowers and Pip&Nut. This report is packed with unique insight and is available for download now.

Explore the dynamics of how DTC brands have developed their marketing strategies to deliver growth.