Balancing Data-Driven Decisions and Creative Intuition

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On the latest episode of Time For a Reset: The Marketing Podcast with Global Leaders, your host, Nick King – Global Practices Lead at CvE Consultancy, is joined by Jasmine Dawson, Senior Vice President of Digital at BBC Studios, a commercial subsidiary of the leading global broadcaster. 

Join them as they discuss the importance of understanding different platforms, embracing challenges, and taking risks in the ever-changing digital landscape.  Jasmine also touches on how social-first content is the growth engine at BBC Studios and why business decisions need to strike a balance between data and intuitive creativity.  Learn BBC Studios’ secret sauce for getting this balance right.  She also shares that innovation stems from taking risks and explains how BBC Studios leverages risk-taking to stay ahead of the innovation curve. 

A simply not-to-miss podcast!  Here are some touchpoints from the episode:

The Benefits of Fostering a Culture Driven by Measured Risk and Innovation 

They delve into BBC Studios’ culture of encouraging challenges and fostering innovation. Jasmine highlights the organisation’s openness to input and contributions from all levels, emphasising that hierarchy does not stifle creativity.  The media industry, at times hierarchical, contrasts with BBC Studios’ approach of valuing ideas from team members to senior leadership, creating a collaborative decision-making and innovative culture.  This ensures that BBC Studios remains at the forefront of media and serves as a model for organisations seeking to foster innovation in their respective industries.

“BBC Studios thrives on the global stage, where we confront a spectrum of unique challenges. In the UK, we navigate competitive landscapes while ensuring relevance across genres and platforms. Conversely, in the US, renowned for our news coverage, we’re forging a path to spotlight our entertainment content. We’re bolstering our presence, nurturing partnerships, and exploring exciting brand collaborations. Every challenge fuels innovation, and our team eagerly anticipates the adventures ahead, scaling the summits in our journey of growth”.

Leveraging social-first content as the growth engine at BBC Studios

Jasmine discusses the evolving role of social-first content as a growth engine within BBC Studios, emphasising a data-driven content strategy.  Metrics such as watch time are indicative of audience engagement, marking a shift from mere video views.  BBC Studios’ approach blends art and science, utilising data for informed decisions while preserving creative space for calculated risks.  This evolution of marketing reflects a broader industry trend where data-driven insights drive content creation, distribution, and audience engagement, making it a pivotal factor in media success.

BBC Studio’s Secret Sauce for Balancing Data-Driven and Intuitive Decisions

Jasmine explores the art-science balance in decision-making at BBC Studios. While data’s importance is evident, creative intuition retains its value. A suggested balance is approximately 70% data-driven decisions and 30% creative instincts. Jasmine stresses that taking risks, learning from failure, and fostering a culture where failure is acceptable as long as it leads to growth are key. This blend of art and science embodies a modern approach to decision-making across industries, acknowledging that data informs but does not replace the human element in strategic choices. 

More About Jasmine Dawson

Jasmine Dawson, Senior Vice President of Digital at BBC Studios, is an award-winning digital specialist with over fifteen years of experience in London and New York, both in-house and agency side, working with blue chip brands such as The New York Times, Hulu, Revlon, Mars, Sky, British Airways, and BT. She has substantial experience driving digital transformation and developing brands’ digital footprint, focusing on relevance, reach, and revenues. 

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