Insights from Jordan Liebman from BlueJeans Verizon Marketing as a Growth Driver for Global Brands

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Jordan Liebman is the VP of Global Demand Generation & Brand Marketing at Blue Jeans, Verizon’s video conferencing and collaboration platform. Jordan articulates the importance of brand marketing and inculcating a test-and-learn culture in organisations. He oversees the company’s global strategy for driving awareness and demand for the brand by working closely with his team and the company’s C-suite. His goal is to ensure that the brand narrative is executed successfully in a way that does not just drives prospects through the funnel but also pilots engagement that generates sales and revenue growth. 

The Difference Between B2B and B2C Marketing

Jordan mentions that whilst there are some fundamental differences between the two, there are also areas of overlap wherein many channels and tactics used in consumer marketing can still work very successfully in the B2B space. For instance, brand marketing is becoming an essential part of the consumer and B2B experience. The role of marketing is to grow the business and the category sustainably.  Many of the strategies, practices, and tactics regarding how a business engages, informs, and converts the target audience are the same as B2C  would do. The differences lie in the product and consumer persona, but the process remains the same. 

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Marketers Drive Growth at Companies

Jordan believes that marketing is the primary growth driver at companies, and marketing leaders need to be architects of growth for that to happen. The question then is, how does marketing impact growth? The first step is to remove the noise and focus on the core elements that drive it. These include creating awareness, building engagement, and using marketing strategies to convert the audience into customers. Within the company, marketers need to be integrators across the organisation to deliver a great experience to customers from the very first exposure to the last. Listen now to the podcast episode to learn more.

Jordan believes that the rapid evolution of platforms that we have at our disposal  now is causing fragmentation and an increasingly complex customer journey. However, if we have this curious mindset, if we test, learn, and scale new ways of marketing to understand how this proliferation of marketing channels works and how they all coexist, who’s using them, and again, where we can serve growth, then marketers can become bigger drivers of growth—not just within our companies, but within our industries as well.

Inculcating a Test and Learn Culture at Organisations

Jordan stresses the need to champion a thoughtful balance between selective budget reductions and strategic investments and defining customer and business priorities to support growth. He highlights the importance of product segmentation  complemented with a  service portfolio and the audience the brand is speaking to. The idea is to marry product and service with matching customer personas. Jordan suggest brands must constantly test and learn which strategy best fits the product and customer segment. 

Aligning Long-Term Benefits with Short Term Goals at Companies

Jordan explains the need for close cooperation between CMOs and CFOs in the current scenario where resources are at a premium.  He touches on building advocacy with other C-suite colleagues and unpacks a three-pronged strategy to align short-term and long-term goals. The first is building collaboration across business verticals and weaving cross-functional advocacy into the cultural fabric. Next, he highlights the need to cut out the noise and clutter by simplifying critical factors impacting a business. And finally, the need to cut marketing jargon and communication in simple business language that everyone can understand. 

Converting Business-Level Goals to Meaningful Objectives for Marketing Teams

Marketing leadership, including CMOs and VPs, should focus on setting the vision. They set the tone for what is expected of that marketing organisation. But they also need to allow the freedom and independence of their teams to define and implement the strategies to achieve those goals. The freedom also comes with the accountability that if those strategies and tactics are not performing where they need to be, they must consolidate the learnings in a ‘test and learn’ culture environment. 

A Word About Jordan Liebman

Jordan Leibman is the VP of Global Demand Generation & Brand Marketing at Blue Jeans by Verizon. He is a result-driven leader and creative problem-solver known for delivering strong financial results. Jordan is an articulate communicator with a high ability to collaborate and drive advocacy across enterprises. He is talented at coaching teams to provide consistent strategic, business, and cultural impact. Jordan developed his passion for global brands early in his career. Following leadership roles at Grey and executive positions at Publicis and BBDO, he joined Verizon. He has led disruptive marketing innovation across the B2C and B2B verticals for over eight years.

You can read the full transcript episode here

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