CvE Celebrates Women in Marketing 2021

“A challenged world is an alert world, and from challenge comes change.” March is the month of International Women’s Day! History is full of strong women who accomplished far beyond what they strived for simply because they knew who they were, what they could offer and had the confidence and courage to chase their dreams and make their mark.

Control v Exposed published a series of LinkedIn posts celebrating Women in Marketing and asking industry influences how they will help forge a gender-equal marketing world.

Our President Paul Frampton Calero makes a rally call to men on International Women’s Day 2021, and celebrates many organisations that support and lift up women in marketing like BLOOMUK LIMITED.

“In 2021, the fact that women still have to fight to have equal opportunities and pay is at best wrong and at worst one of the biggest failures of our and earlier generations. Today I’d like to celebrate the many organisations that support and lift up women in marketing like @WomeninMarketing @BloomUK and @Futuresnetwork. I’d also like to make an urgent rally call for more men to “lean in” and do more to both, call out inequality and vocally support women in the workplace.”

Paul Frampton – President, EMEA & APAC at CvE

How will you help forge a gender-equal marketing world?

“Gender balance in all candidate recruitment pipelines, then let merit take over. Intentional decisions on the small stuff that accumulates – who takes the project, attends the meeting, speaks first, gets promoted…”

Craig Fenton (he / him) Director, Strategy & Operations UKI & Southern Europe ay Google

Inspirational Women in Marketing

“My biggest female inspiration is Ginni Rometty, CEO of IBM since Jan. 2012, who was the chief at the first multinational technology company I worked for. I was exposed to a female leader in the realm of business innovation and transformation.”

Leeya Hendricks, CMO at Delta Capita

“I would like to celebrate Binda Sewak who I worked alongside with when I was at Jessops. Binda had a tremendous strength of character whom I learned a lot from at my time there. Binda for me was always a great guide, in terms of not only work related issues but also life in general.”

Paul McCallum, Marketing Director at MyOnlineTherapy

For more than seven years I have been curating a network of peers to learn from, called SWIMMA (Singapore Women in Media, Marketing, Advertising). It is from these ladies that I constantly draw inspiration and ideas.”

Wendy McEwan, Head of Marketing & Digital APAC at Knight Frank

Jane Evans is a captivating and creative female voice. Her Uninvisibility project looks at 50+ women and how lacking the creative industry is of these talented and experienced women. An absence which is not only negatively impacting on the advertising messages we receive in our society and the projected male narratives we therefore adopt culturally, but which is also incredibly alarming when you consider that women over 50 are actually the biggest consumer group worldwide – being responsible for 47% of everything purchased.”

Ellouise Hempstead, Executive Assistant at CvE

“I am inspired by women who are outspoken, strong, and ambitious. Those who always step out of their comfort zone to reach greatness and never afraid to fail. Those who are unapologetically themselves and stand up for their beliefs without fear.”

Jade Tan, Media Assistant at CvE

 What progress have you seen on gender equality in life and work?

“As a female of colour, I would love to say that we have made massive strides in achieving gender equality over the past 100+ years, however there is still a lot of work to be done.

We will need to continue to act and support each other, this is not about me, this is about us and about making the world a better place for the generations to come.”

Supriya Dev-Purkaystha, Commercial Director – DE&I Lead EMEA

“I believe that today, there is a higher level of awareness about appropriate behaviours men must adopt when interacting with women in the work environment. Some years ago, it seemed that certain conducts were acceptable and that women would have to deal with the fact of that being ‘normal’. I am grateful that I have learned now to be conscious about it, and I feel fortunate to have learned the difference.”

Viviana Toro, Marketing Manager at CvE

“You know more than you think you do. Know your super power and what makes you different and own it. Get a coach. Be curious. Have a plan. Be brave!”

Laura Fordham, Director, Business Strategy and Development at CvE

Establish your personal board of advisors. Pick a few trusted friends, former coworkers, or family members. Go to them for advice when you encounter a difficult professional situation. Outside advice is sometimes the most helpful!”

Katie Hall, Solutions Consultant at CvE


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