Control v Exposed (CvE) is happy to report Justin Orkin has joined us as our new VP of Global Business Strategy. In this role, Justin will heavily focus on the company’s expansion into Asia with the launch of our Singapore office this summer.

Justin Orkin

Justin has extensive knowledge of all facets of sales and marketing and expertly understands the nuances of unique market demands across borders and continents. After over a decade with tech behemoths, such as Verizon, AOL, and Yahoo, he has built a strong passion for client service and the digital media industry overall and is a true leader in the ad tech and programmatic space.

Most recently as Verizon Media’s head of agency and brand programmatic sales, Justin built highly motivated teams devoted to keeping clients’ needs front and center by helping CMOs in the United States, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Australia drive incremental programmatic growth. He also encouraged well-known clients – Amazon, Disney, Netflix, NFL, Nordstrom, Sony Pictures, Toyota, and more – to embrace new ideas and solutions and to pilot cutting-edge strategies to achieve their highest performance.

In a prior role at Verizon as head of sales for the finance and travel industries, he worked with Intuit, 7-Eleven, Southwest Airlines, and others to develop sophisticated programmatic display and branded content strategies for video, mobile, linear TV, and attribution. He and his team turned Fortune 500 companies’ objectives into scalable and actionable integrated marketing plans, featuring custom solutions for emerging programmatic tech.

Justin’s passion for ad tech and strong leadership skills also shined early on in his career while at AOL and Yahoo and while obtaining his bachelor’s degree in business from Bryant University. It was during these years he developed a curiosity for AI and data-driven strategy, both of which still play a big role in his interests today.

Creative and ambitious by nature, Justin is always up for a challenge. That’s why joining CvE is so appealing to him:

“I have never been content with the status quo, so when I heard CvE’s objective is to be a new kind of global agency, one that wants to hack the system, to push the limits of the media landscape and change the way marketers view their advertising partners, I wanted in,” Justin said. “I’m excited about revolutionizing the digital media industry and giving our clients what they’ve been yearning for.”

CvE is a subsidiary of Goodway Group that launched in 2018 and was created to encompass the best of all worlds — the strategy and know-how of a consultancy, the executional expertise of a media agency, and the technical chops of an ad tech company. Justin understands what Fortune 500 companies and CMOs require, and he has what it takes to inspire others and to build lasting relationships – all talents we know will be instrumental to our success. With his infectious enthusiasm, unique perspective on the programmatic space, and knack for making the complex simple and learning fun, we know he will expertly guide and teach clients all they need to know to make the right informed decisions at the right time for a better bottom line.

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