TFAR Inside Marketing Transformation – Ep 2 – Tribe with Helen Owen

TFAR Inside Marketing Transformation – Ep 2 – Tribe with Helen Owen

In this weeks episode, Athar is joined by Helen Owen, VP Marketing of Tribe. She is an established Fintech marketer having been in the evolving industry and profession for 15 years. Helen has extensive experience working as an independent marketing consultant for a variety of businesses, from small businesses to large multinationals and has a solid history in B2B marketing. She also serves as the European Women’s Payments Network’s Goodwill Ambassador.

Tribe is a three-year-old Fintech firm, and from the perspective of the VP of Marketing, we learn about marketing transformation from start-up to scale-up. We guarantee you can use these pearls of wisdom in any marketing professions, even if you’re not from the Fintech sector.

Helen offers a ‘contentious’ marketing reset. “Digital is just a subset of channels of tactical delivery. It makes more sense to call it holistic or integrated marketing. I don’t believe in treating it separately”. This point of view addresses the problem of silos, which is usually a big hindrance to transformation.

Helen shares her experiences as an independent consultant, often observing the negative effects that silos may have on a business. Athar and Helen talk about the challenges marketing faces in taking the lead at the board table and the challenges of proving value as marketing is not always perceived as being crucial for business.

If you work in marketing, you know that one of the toughest challenges is continually demonstrating value and displaying those best use cases. Helen discusses the challenges she had in gaining visibility into the operational systems and funnel activity. She highlights how marketers can effectively tackle this challenge, and what has worked in her experience and Tribe. 

Stay tuned till the end where Helen openly discusses how she is elevating marketing to the board table and hear her recommendations for fellow marketers.

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