How do I move beyond last click attribution?

The service for you: Incrementality/Attribution Strategy

Incremental lift testing shows the total net incremental contribution of any form of marketing. This can be done either automatically via programmatic media, or with regional testing for any other forms of marketing e.g. offline media, price promotions, new landing pages etc.

How do I build a future proofed media-mix model?

The service for you: MMM/Measurement Framework Consulting

We guide clients through the data they need to build an MMM model, including light/agile data models whereby we use smaller data sets to make tactical decisions on marketing effectiveness. This is one pillar of the ‘mixed measurement framework’ we recommend to mature brands, which is typically the least used – but also most beneficial – to advertisers. Our consultancy guides clients through the decisions that should be made from each form of measurement and the confidence in which should be placed in each.



Do I have the right balance between brand and performance?

The service for you: Measurement Analysis/MMM/Media Strategy

We review the measurement and data work done by other agencies or clients in house. This can be an important 2nd opinion on data work, which is often hard for clients to audit for accuracy and bias.

How should I optimise performance media when I sell in on and offline sales channels?

The service for you: Measurement Framework Consulting

Lots of brands sell in more than one sales channel – online, in app, in store and via 3rd party retailers are all common. This presents a challenge for brands who deploy standard performance marketing tactics because media drives response in ALL sales channels, yet only some of those sales channels are easy to attribute with standard digital measurement tactics. The result is that businesses with multiple sales channels often end up ‘preaching to the converted’ with their performance media which significantly limits the incremental effect of advertising. This situation is best resolved with a measurement framework that recognises cross media and cross channel sales drivers.

How do I know which channels are driving incremental business?

The service for you: MMM/Incremental Lift Testing (either programmatic lift, or regional lift. Regional lift is used for non programmatic channels, or to test marketing drivers like price promotions)

We have a range of products and services that all measure incremental lift: MMM, light MMM, regional lift & programmatic lift. The methods we recommend depend on the client and their data availability. Best practice is to use all forms of incremental lift measurement, as when different methodologies deliver the same conclusions this is strongest form of evidence that we have an accurate read on marketing effectiveness.

What are the right KPI's for my media channels?

The service for you: Measurement Framework Consulting

We build a ‘balanced scorecard’ measurement framework that has appropriate KPI’s for each channel & comms theme throughout the full customer journey. This allows brands to drive genuine growth, because all businesses need awareness, consideration and preference in order to drive incremental sales and revenue.

How do I improve my share of market?

The service for you: Share of Search Analysis

Share of search is a form of analysis that can be used to predict future market share for any brand in any category or market. We use Google search data to calculate which brands have ‘share of demand’. This same technique can also be used as a low cost proxy for brand tracking (a measure of saliency) so useful for brands who do not pay for a brand tracker. At CvE we have used this technique to define who is winning, and why, within the UK travel sector for ITG.

Is our marketing organisation fit for the future?

The service for you: Marketing Operating Model Advisory

Ensuring your brand is set up for the future starts with your organisation. Having a team built to scale alongside the technology and resource demands of the future requires a flexible team working in lock step with rest of the organisation. But it doesn’t stop there, it’s also vital that the team embody a true Test and Learn mentality, to stay curious, and optimise the brand wherever possible.

Which digital disciplines should we manage/build in house vs in source? e.g social, e-commerce, programmatic

The service for you: Right Housing Consulting

Identifying what to in-source vs outsource is not always an easy choice to make. Brands need to account for data partnerships, budgets, staffing, training, contracts, and even liability. Who manages the contracts? What happens if there’s a significant over spend? Do we have redundant back up support in case of an emergency? What most brands learn is that it’s rarely an all-or-nothing decision, especially when a brand’s needs change over time. Having a guide help navigate the ideal in-house or Right-house model and mapping out a plan can be a huge asset.

Where are the biggest gaps in my digital capability?

The service for you: Digital Maturity Audit / Digital Capability Building

Brands can oftentimes struggle to identify where their marketing isn’t performing. This can be measurement, analytics, 1st party data strategy, media strategy, media buying, automation, etc. When brands start to ask the question “where do I have gaps”, it’s typically the result of poor-performing media. However, Identifying the key issue is not always easy, it could be a creative issue or website issue. It’s also possible that the media may be performing better than you think, but there could be another issue at play that’s causing this perception, like the measurement source of truth missing a key element. Taking the time to audit a brand’s current stack and long-term vision can help uncover what’s truly making your marketing budgets work, and what elements may need to be optimised.

How do I build a growth mindset culture? How do I get all my teams operating in the same way?

The service for you: Agile Marketing / Building a Performance Marketing Team

We are too busy to tackle growth/transformation projects. Our teams are pulled in too many different directions.

Marketing organisations across the globe are turning to Agile Marketing to streamline their way of working across teams, push through projects that typically get stuck, and move toward a defined test and learn culture. CvE will help you develop the version of Agile Marketing that will work for your team, as well as train them & provide ongoing support.

How do I provide improved digital marketing intelligence to my leadership team?

The service for you: Dashboarding & Reporting

With businesses constantly seeking to use their data to better effect to gain a competitive edge, dashboards and reports are the perfect way to provide an at a glance view of your KPI’s and overall business health. At CvE we’ll support you every step of the way to ensure you’re following best practice to create visually impactful and insightful dashboards and reports.

Would our business benefit from having a Customer Data Platform (CDP)?

The service for you: Customer Data Strategy/CDP Selection

We bring together multiple disparate data sources (1 party/2nd party and 3rd party) to provide a single view of a customer across multiple online and offline identities to enable segmentation, customer journey orchestration and media activation. Our expertise in this area gives us first hand knowledge of the CDP platforms most likely to suit the organisation’s own use cases.

How can I generate better insights from my customer data?

The service for you: Data Science/Customer Data Analysis

Digital media and marketing often deals with vast volumes of data. Be that, from media impressions, or customer analytics platforms. Our data science team helps you make sense of this data through algorithms, predictions and training models on customer behaviour. This can support a multitude of capabilities, such as optimised buying algorithms, customer journey next best action, or the recommended products personalised to each customer.

How do I build predictive models for digital marketing?

The service for you: Predictive Modelling

We collect, prepare and process historic data, to determine predictive models to determine contribution of channels (and sub-channels) to outcomes. This becomes a base for scenario planning and budget allocation across channels to maximise return on investment.

Do I have the right analytics foundations in place?

The service for you: Analytics Foundations Building / GA4 Consulting

As Google Universal Analytics is soon to be deprecated, we provide both implementation and consulting services in migrating advertisers to the new GA4. Services include solution design support, optimising features and integrations, enabling advertisers to get the most out of the new technology, and fixing issues with overall set-up.