Is our marketing organisation fit for the future?

The service for you: Marketing Operating Model Advisory

Ensuring your brand is set up for the future starts with your organisation. Having a team built to scale alongside the technology and resource demands of the future requires a flexible team working in lock step with rest of the organisation. But it doesn’t stop there, it’s also vital that the team embody a true Test and Learn mentality, to stay curious, and optimise the brand wherever possible.

Which digital disciplines should we manage/build in house vs in source? e.g social, e-commerce, programmatic

The service for you: Right Housing Consulting

Identifying what to in-source vs outsource is not always an easy choice to make. Brands need to account for data partnerships, budgets, staffing, training, contracts, and even liability. Who manages the contracts? What happens if there’s a significant over spend? Do we have redundant back up support in case of an emergency? What most brands learn is that it’s rarely an all-or-nothing decision, especially when a brand’s needs change over time. Having a guide help navigate the ideal in-house or Right-house model and mapping out a plan can be a huge asset.

Where are the biggest gaps in my digital capability?

The service for you: Digital Maturity Audit / Digital Capability Building

Brands can oftentimes struggle to identify where their marketing isn’t performing. This can be measurement, analytics, 1st party data strategy, media strategy, media buying, automation, etc. When brands start to ask the question “where do I have gaps”, it’s typically the result of poor-performing media. However, Identifying the key issue is not always easy, it could be a creative issue or website issue. It’s also possible that the media may be performing better than you think, but there could be another issue at play that’s causing this perception, like the measurement source of truth missing a key element. Taking the time to audit a brand’s current stack and long-term vision can help uncover what’s truly making your marketing budgets work, and what elements may need to be optimised.

How do I build a growth mindset culture? How do I get all my teams operating in the same way?

The service for you: Agile Marketing / Building a Performance Marketing Team

We are too busy to tackle growth/transformation projects. Our teams are pulled in too many different directions.

Marketing organisations across the globe are turning to Agile Marketing to streamline their way of working across teams, push through projects that typically get stuck, and move toward a defined test and learn culture. CvE will help you develop the version of Agile Marketing that will work for your team, as well as train them & provide ongoing support.