Would our business benefit from having a Customer Data Platform (CDP)?

The service for you: Customer Data Strategy/CDP Selection

We bring together multiple disparate data sources (1 party/2nd party and 3rd party) to provide a single view of a customer across multiple online and offline identities to enable segmentation, customer journey orchestration and media activation. Our expertise in this area gives us first hand knowledge of the CDP platforms most likely to suit the organisation’s own use cases.

How can I generate better insights from my customer data?

The service for you: Data Science/Customer Data Analysis

Digital media and marketing often deals with vast volumes of data. Be that, from media impressions, or customer analytics platforms. Our data science team helps you make sense of this data through algorithms, predictions and training models on customer behaviour. This can support a multitude of capabilities, such as optimised buying algorithms, customer journey next best action, or the recommended products personalised to each customer.

How do I build predictive models for digital marketing?

The service for you: Predictive Modelling

We collect, prepare and process historic data, to determine predictive models to determine contribution of channels (and sub-channels) to outcomes. This becomes a base for scenario planning and budget allocation across channels to maximise return on investment.

Do I have the right analytics foundations in place?

The service for you: Analytics Foundations Building / GA4 Consulting

As Google Universal Analytics is soon to be deprecated, we provide both implementation and consulting services in migrating advertisers to the new GA4. Services include solution design support, optimising features and integrations, enabling advertisers to get the most out of the new technology, and fixing issues with overall set-up.