What We Do

As a seasoned marketing consultancy, CvE is well-equipped to provide a comprehensive solution to your business challenges. Our team of experienced marketing practitioners combine a unique mastery of skills across marketing, technology, data, Media and CRM.

We have a wealth of experience in every marketing discipline and, supported by our proprietary marketing maturity framework. We guide businesses towards achieving incremental revenue and growth for themselves. Our track record of success and commitment to excellence makes CvE the ideal partner for your marketing growth initiatives.

We consistently surpass the expectations of our clients, and we are confident in our ability to elevate your marketing to new heights.

Everything we do starts with understanding how marketing strategy is anchored to the business objectives. We assess the effectiveness of the current strategy, operating model, measures of success and ways of working in generating revenue growth. We then dive deep into the current state of customer data and martech readiness and activation to establish the level of personalization and automation across marketing efforts. We then benchmark your current state against our proprietary Growth Sophistication Model, plotting out the pathway to the ideal future state where a combination of efficiency and effectiveness lead to accelerated revenue contribution.

The Growth Sophistication Model aims to equip marketers with the necessary insights and resources to align their departments with the evolving market landscape.

It offers a comprehensive overview of the various components of marketing, including strategy and operating models, data and technology, measurement, and media activation and creative.

The Model provides in-depth guidance on how to effectively integrate these components for optimal marketing outcomes.

By gaining an understanding of their positioning within the Model, marketers can identify areas that require improvement and focus their efforts accordingly.

What We Do

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