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By: David Wiltshire, Director of Marketing Strategy, CvE

The personalised services industry is booming, but as the saying goes, with great power comes great responsibility. As brands strive to personalise individual needs to meet customer expectations, they face the uphill task of balancing data handling with privacy protections. It’s a complex issue that can’t be ignored, and marketing teams must confront it head-on if they want to succeed.

In today’s privacy-first world, we encourage all organisations to take a proactive hard look at their current practices and remodel their frameworks for growth and success. Business leaders who invest the time and effort to build a strong foundation will be better equipped to handle the privacy challenges as they arise and will be ready to tackle whatever the digital world throws their way next.

The Growth Sophistication Model

CvE’s Growth Sophistication Model (GSM) is a game-changer for marketing leaders who are looking to take their businesses to the next level. The GSM benchmarks the fundamentals of marketing operations and creates a prioritised plan for achieving exceptional performance and steady growth towards a world-class, gold standard.

Our program model provides a detailed recommendation on how to improve key marketing functions that are essential for success:


First and foremost, a comprehensive strategy is essential. A well-crafted roadmap can help generate value and strengthen brand position, setting the foundation for future growth and success.

Operating Model

Next, having an adaptable operating model is crucial. An agile workforce with cohesive goals aligned towards business objectives can ensure that teams are equipped to pivot quickly in response to changes in the market.


Having the right technology in place is critical. Implementing a cost-efficient infrastructure that is seamlessly integrated and capable of functioning at scale can give businesses a competitive edge and allow for greater flexibility and scalability.

Data & Insights

Additionally with technology, building a secure data architecture that combines multiple sources of data is essential. By leveraging insights from data, businesses can make better-informed decisions on where and why things work (or don’t) and use this information to drive results.

Measurement & Attribution

Without measurement, the whole operation will struggle to perform. An effective unified measurement framework that utilises different models and testing methodologies can uncover new opportunities for incremental growth and improvement.

Marketing Activation

Finally, effective media and sales management is essential. By optimising media strategies and enhancing the customer experience with scripts, AI, and platform APIs, businesses can stay ahead of the curve, without overspending on resources, and still deliver outstanding results.

With the GSM as their guide, businesses can nurture a more cohesive strategy and integrated operating process, increasing performance outcomes and improving the overall customer experience.

Putting the customer first

We firmly believe if you’re looking to stay ahead of the competition, examining your customer lifecycle is crucial to understanding the macro trends that drive results. By placing your customer at the heart of all business initiatives and prioritising the key touchpoints, you’ll get a powerful perspective on your online and offline marketing efforts and gain insights to improve your strategic decision-making on resource planning and investment.

Sustainable marketing effectiveness only works when the customer comes first. With the right measurements and insights, you’ll know how to create more effective marketing campaigns, improve customer engagement, and increase customer loyalty. This customer-centric approach not only drives business growth but also helps companies build a strong brand reputation and differentiate themselves from their competitors.

We’re here to help

At CvE, we’re passionate about revolutionising the way businesses operate, and we’re not afraid to roll up our sleeves and get in the trenches with you. By collaborating with key stakeholders across your organisation, including the CMO, CTO, Creative Director, and Media Team, we’re able to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of every aspect of your marketing operations.

Download The Complete Guide to CvE’s Growth Sophistication Model

Our team of experts provides actionable recommendations to address inter-departmental challenges quickly and efficiently, giving business leaders a clear roadmap for driving positive change throughout the organisation. And with our experienced marketing practitioners on hand to support your teams on the ground, you can be confident that your plan will be successfully implemented.

In conclusion, the key to unlocking growth and maturing your marketing lies in having a reliable means of evaluating your current capabilities and building confidence in your roadmap for success. That’s where our Growth Sophistication Model comes in. This comprehensive framework empowers businesses to evaluate their marketing operations, prioritise growth opportunities, and achieve exceptional performance. So if you’re ready to take your marketing to the next level, we’re here to help!

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