Episode 39 – The Inside Track on Why Canton Joined CvE

Episode 39 – The Inside Track on Why Canton Joined CvE

Are you curious about the behind-the-scenes story of how Canton Marketing Solutions joined the CvE and Goodway Group family? In this week’s episode of Time for a Reset, we sit down with founders Rob Webster and Nick King, who share their journey and the reasons behind their decision.

With decades of experience in digital marketing and leadership roles at top companies such as MediaCom, Yahoo, Tacoda, Crimtan, News UK and Future, Rob and Nick are experts in the field. In 2018, they founded Canton Marketing Solutions, a consultancy aimed at helping brands take control of their digital marketing activity. And now, as part of CvE and Goodway Group, they are in a unique position to share their insights and knowledge with an even wider audience.

In this episode, Rob and Nick share the inside scoop on what motivated them to join CvE and Goodway Group, and how it has benefited their consultancy and clients. They also share their thoughts on the challenges facing CMOs and how businesses can best leverage their partners. They delve into the growing trend of in-housing and provide a unique perspective on how to make the best decisions for your business. They also discuss the talent shortage in the industry and offer suggestions on how to train the next generation of marketers.

Don’t miss this opportunity to hear the story straight from the founders themselves. Tune in to find out how Canton Marketing Solutions has grown and evolved, and what exciting things are in store for their future with CvE and Goodway Group.

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