Episode 71 – Why Brands Need to Take a Stand on Social Issues: A Conversation with Michael Smith, CMO of NPR

Episode 71 – Why Brands Need to Take a Stand on Social Issues: A Conversation with Michael Smith, CMO of NPR

“As marketers, we have to be able to adapt and be flexible. We have to be willing to experiment and try new things because the tools and technologies are changing so rapidly.” Michael Smith

In this episode of Time For a Reset: The Marketing Podcast with Globa Brand Leaders, host Paul Frampton connects with Michael Smith, CMO of NPR, the National Public Radio, which is a non-profit media organization. Join them as they discuss the challenges of brands taking stands on social issues, the role of brands in supporting underrepresented groups, and the impact of technology on marketing. They emphasise the importance of staying connected and relevant to consumers and adapting to new tools and technologies. Don’t miss out on this insightful conversation to stay ahead in the dynamic landscape of marketing!

Here are some key talking points from the episode:

  • The challenges and importance of brands taking stands on social issues
  • The role of brands in serving and supporting underrepresented groups
  • Balancing core audience values and broader social responsibility
  • The impact of technology on marketing, including AI
  • Understanding consumer behaviour and avoiding getting stuck in a bubble
  • The evolving role of CMOs and the need for continuous learning
  • The importance of flexibility in adopting emerging tools and technologies 

Michael is an accomplished executive and recognised thought leader in brand marketing, content development and production, OTT digital streaming, and podcasting. He is highly regarded for providing strategic vision and inspirational and collaborative leadership in the development and launch of media content while continually leveraging the new ways people consume content.

As the Chief Marketing Officer at NPR, he leads the organisation’s brand marketing, audience growth, and consumer product initiatives. He has introduced several impactful and award-winning campaigns for NPR Podcasts (“More Voices, All Ears”) and NPR Brand (“What You Hear Changes Everything”) that increased brand awareness, familiarity, and engagement among younger and more diverse audiences. 

Michael has over 30 years of experience in entertainment, brand marketing, content, digital, and revenue-generating brand extensions. He has also led marketing teams at companies like Scripps Network Interactive and Food Network.

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