Episode 51 – Sustainability: Are Brands Really Getting It? Gavin Sheppard, Pinwheel

Episode 51 – Sustainability: Are Brands Really Getting It? Gavin Sheppard, Pinwheel

In this episode of the Time for a Reset podcast, Paul Frampton sits down with Gavin Sheppard, CEO at Pinwheel, a consultancy in the sustainability space that delivers corporate environmental and conservation actions for a positive impact on both the planet and brands. Gavin explains the meaning of sustainability and why companies must need to better understand not only what it implies, but increase and realign their sustainability spend to make both short-term and long-term impacts. He also touches on how companies can communicate their efforts and achievements more effectively to consumers.

You can also get an excellent overview of the main highlights and discussion points by reading our blog piece of the episode.

Join them as they:

  • Discuss why businesses need to focus on sustainability
  • Shed light on the definition of sustainability
  • Share ideas on the roadmap of its implementation at companies
  • Examine the need for companies to communicate more effectively with the consumer

Gavin Sheppard, CEO at Pinwheel, is a twenty-year veteran in the marketing and sustainability space. He co-founded Pinwheel along with former UK home secretary Amber Rudd and ad entrepreneur Rupert Howell. He has over a decades worth of board-level experience across the full commercial and marketing mix. He has built and led high-performance teams that understand, reach and influence audiences. He also has significant experience in establishing or reengineering disruptive new businesses.

The full transcript is available here.

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