Episode 56 – Mastering the Data & MarTech Realm. Stuart Colman. Part 2

Episode 56 – Mastering the Data & MarTech Realm. Stuart Colman. Part 2

In this episode of the Time for a Reset podcast, Rob sits down with Stuart Colman, Founder of Colman Media, Data, and Technology, to discuss the current state of the TCF (Transparency and Consent Framework) and potential areas for improvement, such as clarifying responsibilities and simplifying the process for consumers. He further discusses clean rooms and their potential benefits and challenges, including the need for interoperability and the high entry point for small businesses. He then moves the conversation to the world of AI and its impact on advertising and marketing.

Join them as they:

  • Discuss the challenges and impacts of TCF on the marketing industry 
  • Address privacy concerns and data sharing with clean rooms 
  • Explore the potential future development of clean rooms  
  • Highlight the universal ID approach to replacing third-party cookies
  • Examine the implications of AI in the Advertising and Marketing industry 

Stuart Colman is the founder of Colman Media, Data and Technology, a technology consultancy. Stuart is committed to providing expertise on digital advertising, market-entry, data usage, and go-to-market strategies, to name a few. He is known for his exceptional competence in managing sales teams and revenue flows, harnessing safe data assets while being customer-centric. 

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