TFAR – Episode 36 – Why Radical Candor Is a Secret Weapon for CMO’s

TFAR – Episode 36 – Why Radical Candor Is a Secret Weapon for CMO’s

In this episode, Paul talks to Mark Evans, Managing Director, Marketing & Digital at Direct Line Group. He started his career at Mars and has led senior marketing departments at HSBC and 118-118. Mark is also a board member of The Marketing Society.

Mark and Paul discuss imposter syndrome and the philosophy of ‘radical candor’. He highlights the significance of getting the right balance in culture to allow people to talk and give feedback freely. Alluding to agency client relationships, Mark shares stories about client relationships and creating the best dynamic in order to consistently challenge him for a greater outcome. Marketers listening will hear first hand about the value of feedback and how to deliver in a positive, constructive way.

He shares many stories and experiences from Agile working, “methodology is secondary to the mindset”. There is little correlation between readiness of the technology versus the readiness of people when it comes to those practices.  

In discussion around data driven marketing, Mark says there is too much emphasis on the technology rather than the customer outcomes. Mark highlights ways in which companies can work together with marketing to make the right investment decisions. He also shares his thoughts on role of marketing ascending to board level in 2022 and onwards. 

We also learn more about Mark and his story and defining moments – from the point of graduation, his experiences from 10 years at Mars all the way to becoming a leader and helping people achieve their best.

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