CDP Playbook

Customer Identity and User Privacy are critical challenges to the digital advertising industry. 

The last couple of years have seen legislative changes, browser and device changes, and growth in data volumes, making it more difficult and expensive to achieve the same marketing success competitively and on budget. 

The Customer Data Platform is one of the major technologies being deployed to solve these challenges. If you’re thinking about buying a Customer Data Platform (CDP), then you know it’s a big decision to make. You’ve heard a CDP the only way to truly access and manage your data, but is that really true?

Can a CDP really solve your data issues and how will it work with the rest of your tech-stack? These are central questions to address. CvE is helping advertising brands and publishers to understand the impacts of a cookieless world, create a future, and roll out new solutions so they can meet these changes with confidence and grow out of the pandemic. 

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