Why Every Brand Should Adopt a ‘Growth Marketing’ Mindset Report

Ever wondered about ‘Growth Marketing’?

New Digital Age and digital marketing consultancy CvE – Control v Exposed – recently held a roundtable discussion with senior marketers from a variety of mass-market and DTC brands. The discussion included Mondelez, Unilever and Weetabix as well as brands that operate with a DTC model such as Bella & Duke, Gymbox and NIVEA, which recently launched a DTC e-commerce platform.

NDA editor Justin Pearse chaired the discussion and was joined by CvE’s Paul Frampton, Global President, and Aidan Mark, Global Director, Performance Strategy. The discussion was focused on how these businesses are all adopting a growth marketing approach, with the brand representatives sharing their thoughts on this emerging discipline.

Growth Marketing Report CvE

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