How CvE Are Helping Advertisers Use AI to Turbocharge their Marketing

By Robert Webster. VP Strategy, CvE

AI is set to revolutionise the way we work and marketing is no exception. Along with privacy, AI is a key driver of change in the marketing landscape. CvE believes advertisers need to take control of the situation and embrace AI. Here are some recommendations and ways in which CvE can help advertisers adapt to the AI and privacy first future.

AI and Data Management

An effective in-house data and technology setup is vital for the best use of AI. This is because AI needs to learn from a dataset, and the best dataset for any advertiser-specific task is its own first-party data. For example, AI can learn from previous customer purchase information, which traits and personas have the most impact on the likelihood of them becoming customers. This is valuable information that advertisers should not give out beyond their own walls because it could inform competitors. In the future, AI trained on an advertiser’s own data will be a key strategic asset.

Advertisers will also need to develop key partnerships with data suppliers and media publishers to train their AI on individuals who have not yet become customers. This means working closely with giants such as Google, Facebook, Amazon, and soon, Apple, will be vital to make the most of their data and AI capabilities. However, it’s important not to share too much data, as this may result in a loss of strategic advantage.

Practical Steps for Advertisers

  1. Create a working group tasked with embracing AI, staying up to date with developments, and testing opportunities. To make the most of AI, a range of skill sets is required, from the technical through to the creative and the media practitioner. Assemble a team of different skills that can support each other in the growth of AI usage within your business. For smaller businesses or those wanting to move particularly quickly, this can also be done in conjunction with partners such as CvE.

CvE has built out an AI task force and is constantly looking to design and test new products and processes based on AI techniques. The learnings are regularly shared with clients.

  1. Understand the use cases where AI can help boost marketing. From copy and creative content creation to research and insights, to automation and bidding, AI will improve many aspects of marketing. It’s important to understand the use cases and what actions would be required to build them out and test them. Some can be tested relatively simply, while others may need significant engineering or other resources to bring to fruition.

CvE created a comprehensive list of use cases that it’s constantly updating as new developments occur and providing this to clients.

  1. Ensure your first-party data is organised and in one place. This is vital for your AI efforts because AI will be most effective for marketers when working on their proprietary first-party data. Therefore, having that data in an architecture ready for AI usage is a vital step. CvE are experts in advising advertisers on the ideal data architecture to allow them to become more sophisticated and bring AI alive in their organisation.

A core strength of CvE is enriching any setup with privacy and identity solutions and using it to deliver top-class marketing which it does regularly for its leading global clients.

  1. Consider vendors and off-the-shelf tools. Various vendors will have point solutions to allow the use of AI, from CDPs allowing architecture for AI to live on first-party data to custom algorithms powered by AI. Clients should meet these and consider point tests to see how they might fit into their campaigns and deliver against identified use cases (these vendors can also help identify use cases).

CvE has identified a list of vendors that are pioneering AI technology to assist advertisers that it shares with clients to help build out their AI offering.

  1. Test, learn, educate, document, and repeat. By following this structure and looking at the techniques above, your business will be at the head of the curve of AI adoption and can look to AI to provide a strategic benefit in marketing that powers success for your business.

CvE’s copilot operation is designed to help advertisers on a path of continual improvement in all areas of marketing including AI. When problems are reached and help is needed CvE have the solutions to move forward.

I hope you enjoyed this article. We intimately understand the pain points of the modern marketer and have designed CvE to help solve your most complex challenges. Contact us to discover how we can help you upgrade your marketing sophistication.

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