Episode 10 – The Case for Marketing as a (Social) Science

Episode 10 – The Case for Marketing as a (Social) Science

In this 10th episode, Paul is joined by the incisive and straight talking Jay Friedman, President of Goodway Group (CvE’s parent company) – also Paul’s boss!). Jay intelligently dissects the previous 10 episodes and calls out THREE controversial statements he fundamentally disagrees with.

Jay goes on to make the case for treating marketing as a science and the importance of social psychology and behavioural economics in marketing.

At the heart of Jay’s vision is the belief that the industry should demand more formal qualifications in the study of behaviour, economics and business. 

Jay explains that if marketing is to get to the top of the board table agenda, the discipline must be managed like a true investment and marketers at all levels must become experts in proving lift in business growth metrics. 

You won’t want to miss this episode which covers so much ground in just half an hour!

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